Hair in training

How do you rowdy lot find hair affects your fighting, especially grappling? Marco Ruas and I have had this discussion, seeing as we're both hairy man-beasts (actually, I've never talked to him).
Stuff constantly gets pinched and pulled and it bloody hurts. I'm too manly to shave/wax it off, though.

Contrary to what you seem to believe, it's very much manly to shave your chest - in fact, even I have done it on several occasions, and there's no doubting that I'm a man who is perched up on the very top of the masculinity mountain.

I wonder if this was ever a problem for Tool's Maynard (BJJ purple belt)?

The technique I call "chest hair manipulation" is low and should be punishable by savage beating.

Apparently, Tony C will have two DVD volumes available on the strategy soon.

After training on Wednesday night, I removed my jacket to find that, not only had my hair been pulled out, but I had SOMEONE ELSES hair in there as well. Goddamn it.

Aha, my body needs a "Brazilian" ba-doom ching!

While getting my guard passed in class I had a guy rip out a handfull of hair on my leg.

Painful but not fatal. A few guys shave, I'm just hairy and too lazy to do it.