Hair Loss from Ring worm?

I have a case of ring worm tht is on my head, not tht big of a deal went to my doctor and got some cream to get rid of it.

I jumped out of the shower today, and was missing a big clump of hair close to the spot of the worm. This is a bit of a problem considering I am 17 years old with very thick hair.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice? Is there anything I can do to get rid of the worm quicker?

Holy shit..I'm sorry to hear that dude.

Thanks man, its not a huge deal. Hair grows back but i just wanted to know if there was anything i can do to prevent it from helping again.

I already have cauliflower ears, if i go bald im not going to impress any ladies ;)

interesting, that happend to me ONCE too..

but after a WHILE the hair grew back

I started going bald at 17. I have no sympathy for you. God is punishing you.