Haiti goalie tremendous fuck-up


Kinda curious how many goals his teammate that kicked it in has for the season.

Oops :open_mouth:

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Something that has happened to everyone that has played football. For him it was televised for the world to laugh at.
Poor guy. :joy:

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He didn’t realize he can use his hands i bet

Goalie can’t use hands when receiving a pass from his own player.


I think that might be a Pete Rose situation.

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This is why Canada wins the EuroCup this year !

goalies can use their hands. his retarded for not grabbing the ball

No, as others have said goalies in soccer cannot use their hands when their own team passes them the ball. If they do, it’s an automatic penalty shot.

This is the worst I’ve seen


That was nice of him.

My Haitian friend is convinced the goalie was paid off by the bookies. Also convinced he will be shot in Haiti in the not to distant future.

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Own goals can be dangerous…wasn’t a goalie killed for one a few years ago?

Columbian defender Andres Escobar was killed after the 1994 World Cup because of an own goal against USA

Not in this case , we got rules.

The guy got unlucky bearing the same name as another famous Colombian who probably didn’t want such a shame attached to the name.

That was the only win the USA had that World Cup and moved them to the next round. I’ve heard the guy got shot and killed, but it’s debated whether it was related to the own-goal or not…either way he did indeed get shot and killed after returning to Columbia.

There is a good 30for30 on that Columbian soccer team and how it was tied to escobars cartel.

I though these people were supposed to be the most athletic race on the planet?