Hajj stampede due to roads being closed for VIPs

Fuck the Saudis are dumb savages:

Saudi authorities were today accused of triggering the Hajj stampede that killed more than 700 by closing roads so dignitaries could reach a palace.

The horrific crush, which also left hundreds wounded, happened when two giant waves of Muslims collided at an intersection near a holy site in Mina.

Saudi health Minister Khaled al-Falih blamed victims for the disaster for failing to follow instructions, adding: 'This type of accident could have been avoided. However, this is God's will.'

But pilgrims and Muslim groups hit back angrily at the claims, accusing Saudi police of creating fatal bottlenecks by closing two roads being used by hundreds of thousands of worshippers.

Mohammed Jafari, an advisor to the Hajj and Umrah Travel tour operator in the UK, said: 'Talking to pilgrims on the ground, they say the main reason for this accident was that the King and his palace was receiving dignitaries including the minister of defence and members of the GCC (the Gulf Co-operation Council).

'For this reason, they closed two of the entrances to where the ('stoning of the devil' ritual) happens and they closed two roads... which created two bottlenecks.

'It is the fault of the Saudi government because any time a prince comes along, they close the roads and don't think about the disaster waiting to happen.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3248647/Saudi-health-minister-blames-PILGRIMS-Hajj-stampede-left-700-people-dead-saying-followed-instructions-avoided.html#ixzz3mkb3FrJ9
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However they now say that it was "God's Will", which means none of the rich Saudi princes are to blame. Pretty lucky for them that is.

Wonder what Matt Serra has to say about
This.... Phone Post 3.0

So now we know how to get rid of them. Form them into two groups and have them walk towards each other at a brisk pace. Brilliant! Phone Post 3.0

Don't blame the authorities.

These are masses of idiots that do this every year. Every year people are crushed and injured and every year they blame it on something other than the fact that there are 2,000,000 idiots rushing to throw stones at satan.

They will continue to kill each other for decades to come and all those deaths are worth it to these savages. They will not change, they will not work together, they'll just be like mindless swarms of zombies descending on Mecca.

The authorities are not to blame AT ALL. The morons that participate in it are to blame. Phone Post 3.0