Half guard issues.

Hellooo :) I need a little help with half guard to either sweep or get back to feet. When i get an under hook im getting stuck because my training partner over hooks my under hook and sticks the other arm across my throat i end up stuck in that position and cant move? Are there any good options. Thank you in advance :)

I use half guard to sweep right into side ... mostly. * Key* ALWAYS stay on your side. Dont let him smash your shoulders down. With an overhook it's going to be tough for him to do that... if you keep scooting and shrimping out. But don't wait too long without being active.

Try using your top leg (while in bottom half) to bump him up over you. Almost like a knee on his butt. At the same time use your under hook to raise him up, like raising your hand. You want to get under him.

A lot of guys will use their arm that's on the mat (opposite arm to your underhook) to help them get up to their knees. I like to base on my head with my hips up high. I use that arm... my free arm to push my opponents forearm that's usually on my head/ face up and over alleviating that pressure.

I hope that helps some. Phone Post 3.0

Roll him towards the over hook. Phone Post 3.0

london bjj open 2014 ross nicholls: http://youtu.be/6OpOruHrCk4

Or do this Phone Post 3.0

Just realised this is on the nogi forum so ignore my last vid post. Phone Post 3.0

GARRA - Roll him towards the over hook. Phone Post 3.0
This. By committing his arm to overhooking your arm he won't be able to base when you roll him in that direction. Phone Post 3.0

One of my highest % sweeps. The more they drive in the pressure from the wizzer the easier to just roll them Phone Post 3.0

Familiarize yourself with the lockdown, then use it to "whip up" your opponent to "old school" sweep. I love playing half guard because I get to use this and end up on top, I just used this on a brown belt in the gi (I'm a 10th planet blue belt). Seriously, this will help you tremendously! Phone Post 3.0

I used the lockdown and old school sweeps at blue and a little at purple..but didn't find it effective. More experienced guys would smash it. But hey give it a try and see what works for you Phone Post 3.0

DanTheCan - I stay on my side and roll around for deep half sweeps Phone Post 3.0
Stay on hip hug the waist low and rotate clockwise on your post hand. Or work deep half dive your head inside and scoot your hips in between his legs grab the othe leg and complete the sweep Phone Post 3.0

As stated, whipping up to get on your side is a key point for me. Phone Post 3.0