half guard kimura

I would like to ask a question about the kimura from top half guard. when you are on top of your partner half guard and obtain the kimura control, i feel that i cant sit with my 'but' on the floor because is easy to sweep, and if i go to the other way, is like i feel the guy is going to scape by the botton.

How is the correct strategy to apply the kimura from the half guard from top?

thanks in advance! :-)

no. Step over the top of his head to the other side of the mat with the foot closest to his head and finish the kimura from there.

As far as maintaining top control, guys tend to make 2 mistakes..They either expose their bottom leg too much. The bottom guy gets the foot and sweeps him over the top...or they don't use the bottom leg for any base. They lie too paralell to the bottom guy and get sweep backwards.

The knee of your free(left)leg should be by his hip and your lower leg should be perpendicular to his body with your toes on the mat for base. The left side of your butt stays low to the mat (this makes is difficult for him to reach your foot). There are lots of details to securing the kimura itself, but I think that this is one of the most overlooked details of the position....protecting that foot, while using it to maintain solid base.