half guard side choke

Hello Roy,

any advice on seting up side choke on the far arm when you are on the top of half-guard?

Sperry beat Vovchanchin this way.

It seems like you have to give the guy your head. what would prevent him from guillotine, neck cranking, or simply turning you over?


The mechanics of this choke are the same
regardless of what position you are in. The key to
effecting this choke, as well as preventing your
opponent from putting you into a guillotine choke is


If you reach under the opponent's neck with your
right arm and you slide your head under his right
arm pit AND YOU ALLOW the opponent to keep his
elbow close to his ribs, you are exposing your
head to a potential guillotine choke.

The best way to effect this choke is to do the
following in the exact order I describe:

1. Place your left elbow on the ground.

2. Drive the your heel of your left hand into your
opponent's right elbow.

3. Drive his elbow above his shoulder line,
preferably, touch his right bicep to his ear.

4. Once his arm is in this position, drive your head
onto the ground next to his elbow (not his armpit).
Make sure to tuck your chin and drive your left
shoulder to your left ear to guard against a
possible guillotine.

5. Drive your right forearm underneath his neck so
that your right hand is near or in his right armpit.

6. Finish with good mechanics.

What prevents the opponent from bridging you up
and over is good control from the half guard with
your legs and yoru arms. The basic control
positions work fine against the average person.
However, against a person with a high bridge, they
will need to uncross their ankles first before they
bridge. This will give you time to pass their guard
and side mount or drive you leg over top and

Roy Harris

thank you

Any time!

If you have questions, please ask!


Roy Harris

Hi Roy,

what do you do with the legs? Pequeno switched so the other leg was trapped in half-guard.

Is the idea to hop over to side control on the far side, or mount, or switched-half guard leg?

Thanks so much

Controlling from the half guard is the same as controlling from
the mount. Your legs are used to anchor your weight, not your

With respect to finishing the choke, you can finish from the half
guard (top or bottom). However, your legs must anchor your
weight if you plan to stay on top. Notice I wrote "top or bottom." If
you happened to get rolled, it will be OK as long as you have your
arms and head in position.

Good training to you,

Roy Harris


I remember you said once that mount and half guard top were two of your three personal best positions to dominate from. I know that playing on top allows one to play the "gravity game" and use their weight most effectively, but I am curious about the connection--do you like BOTH of these positions because:

A) The ways that you anchor and control in the Mount and Half Guard Top are similar, so your skill in one is strongly related to your skill in the area,

B) Controlling from the Mount and the Half Guard Top often lead to each other, so to be very strong in one requires a good working knowledge of the other,

or C) Is it coincidence?

(I suppose D is "all of the above".)




What's goin on bro?

The correct answer is "D", all of the above.

great feedback, my half-guard arsenal is now complete. warmest regards


Things are good. I'm enjoying the warm weather out here. I'm looking forward to the chance to do TWO instructor courses in 3 weeks this fall (Assoc Grappling course here, JKD in San Diego). If I start drinking water NOW I think I can do it! (Assuming, of course, that I am accepted into each class)



You will do fine in both courses!

You will absolutely love the associate level
instructor's course. If you liked the apprentice
course, you will LOVE the second level course.

One of the things you will love about the associate
level instructor's course is how it will open up the
instructor's manual to you. I know you have
probably read the instructor's manual two or three
times. However, this course will allow you to look
at it in a different way.

I purposely designed the course and the manual
this way. Once you have a new set of keys to
unlock THE GOOD STUFF contained in that
manual, you will look at Jiu Jitsu in a new light!!!

And, regarding the JKD course, I am sure you will
like the progression I have laid out!

I look forward to training with you soon!


P.S. Will you be at Kyle's in June?

I am REALLY looking forward to both courses.

And yes, I will be at Kyle's. You have quite the "East Coast Tour" going on this year!


Harris Academy East - we're getting it out of him, one way or another.......... if we can't get a physical school, we'll just keep him busy with seminars!!!  ;-)

Twinkletoes, I sent you an email about the Associate course details about a week ago - haven't heard back from you.  Please check and let me know if you received it or not.  :-(



I did not receive your email.

You can re-send it to either of these:



I will email back to let you know when I receive it.