Half of UG = Tim Silvias Mom?

Look, I cannot stand the UFC heavyweight division - to see 600 lbs of rubbish wrapped in skin slap each other for a minute then dry hump for another 10 compares poorly obviously to titanic clashes like Fedor - Noguera, Noguera Cro-Cop, Fedor V Cro Cop, Cro-Cop Hunt etc etc. -- Even the Pride Freakshows hold some interest and athleticism.

HOWEVER - There is some skill still in the HW division and Tim must possess at least some of it. The guy trains really hard and is rewarded with a deserved win against somebody that appeared to be the saviour of the UFC HW division (Maybe Tim can become this saviour?)

What does half the OG do all the time no matter what Tim does? They rag on him like his awful mother! If you've read an interview and see how his mother bad mouths him all the time you'll find good company!

I can see Tim, psychologically troubled one evening and requiring the odd comfort of being insulted - he turns on his computer and thinks "Should I call my mom instead, or listen to assjack182 on the forum?"

He trains hard for the sport he loves and he's victorious. I'm not a fan, but c'mon...

lol@ "assjack182"