halflife singleplayer Question

I just started playing halflife singleplayer.. been playing counterstrike and tfc for YEARS but i'm JUST NOW trying the singleplayer. My question is what's the best singleplayer weapon? The submachine gun doesn't seem to register headshots and it's too inaccurate regardless whether I use bursts or not. and it eats up ammo too fast. The pistol seems to register headshots only occasionally.. So what's the deal? What is my "main" gun supposed to be? And why thed fuck aren't headshots working like it should be?

Well it ain't CS is your answer to why headshots aren't "registering". Enemies do take more damage from headshots though so it is still good to shoot them there.

lol man you have been brainwashed by CS. HL is a completely different game. There isn't a main weapon. They are all supposed to be useful for something.

Dude, there's gotta be a "main" weapon for singleplayer.. a weapon that I use about 80% of the time. in the singplayer 3d shooters i've played there was always a "main" weapon that you can count on for almost every situation (doom -shotgun, duke3d-shotgun, halo-pistol, etc).. On all the faqs and half-life sites i've been to they all seem to bpoint to the shitty submachine gun as the "main" weapon.. but it's so freaking weak and inaccurate - bursting does shit for the accuracy. what abvout the magnum? It's a strong weapon but ammo seems scarce

Just play the game and have fun. I switched between different weapons depending on the amount of ammo I had for each and the enemies I would encounter, distance, etc.

Your "main" weapon in halflife is the one you have the most ammo for. That or the crowbar.

I used to finish doom levels with the chainsaw only.

All the weapons have uses in different areas.

I think i used the Submachine gun most, but its been years since i played it so i can't be sure.