Halftime - Nets 28 , Griz 45

Wow, Bonzi fitting right in, he's the top scorer right now with only 10. Just an amazing first half for the Memphis Griz.

Grizzlies 110, Nets 63 Final lol

LOFL!!!! Awesome!!

Man, when the Nets decide to lose, they don't half-ass it.

i bet Kidd wishes he would have signed with the Spurs

lol, this was taken from yahoo nba.

"The Nets scored the fewest points of any Grizzlies opponent, and came within a point of matching their own futility record.

New Jersey's locker room was closed for more than a half hour and loud arguments, often decorated with profanity, could be heard in the hallway.

Players griped about their 30 turnovers and what some considered a lack of energy on the floor. Players also could be heard accusing teammates of not guarding their men."