Hall/Kitao - Royce/Akebono

Probably will get flamed for this, but how is Royce beating Akebono more impressive or a bigger deal than Mark Hall beating Koji Kitao???

I mean, both Kitao and Akebono are bad at MMA and who's to say that Kitao is better or worse than Akebono.


How the hell did Kitao's nose get broken anyway? I've watched that fight plenty of times on UFC Hits 1 and I still can't really figure it out.

On the replay it showed Hall landing a punch; It wasn't much of a strike, but I guess it got the job done.

When Kitao is backing Hall up towards the fence, Hall jumps up and lands a palm strike right on Kitao's nose.


Again, I have no probs with Royce fighting Akebono, make the coin, good for him but it just irritates me that some people are making such a epic deal of him tapping out an MMA rookie (big as he is, I know).

Hackey :vs: Yorboroh (spelling??)

Takase :vs: Same guy

Hall :vs: Kitao

all excellent points. honestly i bet manny would have been a tougher fight for royce.

Hall beating Kitao was more impressive, the guy looked like he was in pretty decent shape (for a Sumo). Akebono and Yarbough look like they'd have to catch their breath for a few minutes from tying their shoes. Genki over Butterbean is yet more impressive. Sumo fights last no longer than a few seconds, Butterbean may not be the best boxer or have the best cardio, but at least he is used to going several 3-minute rounds.