Hall of Fame?

So I get this form letter in the mail saying that I have been nominated into be inducted "The United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame". While it may seem like an honor, I have my reservations about it....

First and foremost, in order to be inducted, the nominee needs to pay a decent amount of money.

Second, what have I done that is "Hall of Fame" worthy? Not much in my opinion. While I have made contributions to the art with my teaching and dissemination of information, I think there are a lot more instructors who have accomplished a lot more and who are a lot more noteworthy than I.

Third, how are nominees selected? I can't imagine more than one person filling out the nomination form with my name. I highly doubt tons of people filled out forms and put my name.

Anyway, does anyone know anything about this organization? My skepticism revolves around the fact that stroking someone's ego is a pretty good way to get them to fork over some money.

I can't imagine any legitimate organization requiring you to pay in order to be inducted into their "Hall of Fame".

I recall seeing a show on TV that talked about the Hollywood Walk of Fame and how actors would lobby to get a star and how the actors had to pay for the star and the maintenance of it. Regardless, I think it is weird to need to pay for a supposed accolade. But it does make me wonder how many people have paid money to get similar awards.


I've received the same thing before. I was inducted to one in Kentucky here that was free so what in the world would they want 400-$600 for Me to get their award. What a scam