Hall of Fame?

Who goes this year?

#1 on my list is Ryne Sandberg. He's my favorite all-time player & the best 2nd baseman from the mid 80's to the mid 90's.

Also deserving are Dawson, Molitor, Jim Rice, Garvey (as much as I hate it!), Jack Morris & Alan Trammell.

All solid players.

Dawson, Rice, Trammell, Sandberg

of that group!

Molitor was good as was Garvey and Morris but neither is hall deserving. if they are too make it there are about 300 guys in baseball who will deserve to make it when they retire!!!

kempo - Molitor had over 3200 hits. Garvey was a 10 time all-star. Morris was lights out in the World Series.

3000+ hits is usually a hall of fame number...

Morris was lights out in the series for two teams. It's tough though. How many good seasons did he have?

Hawkeye... Molitor was great one of my favorite offensive players in baseball history. however he was not "special". especially compared with the players of his position at the time...Schmidt, Brett, Boggs, all were heads and shoulders above molitor as thirdbaseman, and that's if you can attribute molitor to being a thirdbaseman or any postion for that matter.

Garvey...all i know is if Dale Murphy who was Garvey with power isn't in Garvey has no shot.

Morris had a few good years but was horrible in other years

jim rice should be in, but he isnt gonna make it...

he came close in the voting a few years ago, but his time is almost up and his votes go down every year

oh well

where as i think stats are very important to getting a person in to the hall. i think stats shouhld be compared to like players(position,type, batting lineup position) from the same era of baseball. so comparing someone like Rice to ted williams isn't fair. but comparing Rice to other left fielders and clean up hitters in the late 70's through late 80's and you get one of the best players.

same goes for molitor, he was not a good defenseive 3rd baseman, had good offensive numbers but not compared to breet, boggs, schmidt, as third baseman and not compared to mattingly, yount, and a host of other players that hit in the number 2 or 3 spot in the 80's and early 90's/

Dale Murphy has a shitty lifetime BA. Like .264 or something. That's keeping him from the Hall. I agree with Molitor, he is a notch below Schmidt (who isn't?), Brett, & Boggs - but he had a long career and was a very good if not great hitter. I don't think he should be a first ballot guy, but he'll be in.