Hallman back to the ufc

Cube gave me a good idea, start a thread for Dennis to be back in the ufc.

With the shakeup in the ufc Dennis could really make a splash in the ww division. He should fight in a four man tourney with Charuto, Hughes and Lytle (or Lawler) for the #1 contender spot. You cannot make any arguement against Dennis being in the ufc. His only black mark imo was the Jens fight but I think he cut too much weight, aside from that he always has exciting fights.

Hallman back yes or no? I say yes. Nobody has an opinion?

Hallman shoul've been back a long time ago

I would say that Hallman has a good shot at beating all of those guys, goku.

I dont know. His fight with Pulver was pretty bad (ages ago). Maybe it was the cutting weight. He a good grappler...I would rather see a guy that is more well-rounded. Hallman's stand-up game could use some work.

Hallman is a real good fighter. If UFC brings him back or not, I wont get pumped over either.

Good point, I'll counter with why does Hallman have to qualify to even be in the ufc after handing Hughes his ass twice?

Hallman yes

Can you say that he is not talented enough to be in the ufc? He tends to fight at the level of the people he fights. He always performs though (not counting the Pulver fight).

"he needs to win consistantly against B fighters."

If you put Hallman against a B fighter, more often than not he'll look like shit. If you put Hallman against an A fighter, more often than not he'll look terrific. Maybe he just has trouble getting himself pumped for an opponent who isn't top shelf. I dunno. But he's always looked best when fighting his toughest opponents. *shrug*

P.S. Bring Hallman back!

When Hallman fought Pulver it was not a testament to his skills but a testament to how crazy a man can cut weight.

It was funny how after that fight he blew up to like 185 plus and even thought about fighting at that weight
or rather he did fight somebody at that weight.

Hallman should be in teh UFC he has mad skills and desrves way better than a few others

Now would be the perfect time for Hughes Hallman 3


This thread is more like it. And yes, Hallman definitely deserves to be back in the UFC!