Hallman/Hughes = End of Hughes carrer?

Why else would they sign Hallman?

That's alot of pressure on Matt, his jiu jitsu is 100x better today though...

You don't mess with the Yelm.

 hughes has been needing his revenge for a while now

 Hallman will cold catch him again.

 before hallman didn't deserve the fight, when hughes was champ on his streak(though I would have liked to have seen it, considering hallman beat him twice in quick fashion).

but now, it's a perfect time for this fight to happen

Hughes will hand him a beating if they fight for a 3rd time.

Hallman is one of the most underrated fighters, sick wrestling/sub skills,I'd like to see him sub Matt again.

I would laugh if Matt lost to Hallman again.

Hallman is Matt's Kryptonite!

Hughe's jj is 100x's better now. Only way he loses is if he doesn't train.

Matt himself has said in his book that Hallman simply has his number. This is a no-win for him.

Hallman will be very confident coming in, Hughes will not. A win over Hallman does little for Hughes, while getting beat by Hallman (again) hurts him.

I realize this sounds like I am disparaging Hallman's skills, but I don't mean to disrespect him. He is an excellent fighter. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the key wins to put him in the conversation with the fighers Hughes wants to fight at this point in his career.

it would be hilarious if hallman wins again. matt might fight ten more years.

I'd pay to see it.



"A win over Hallman does little for Hughes"

lol, bullshit it doesn't. Hughes needs to show he's not completely shot, and beating a guy who's beaten you twice does something for you, i don't care who you are

 matt was able to defend bj on his back

serra never had anything close to a dsub on him.

hallmans luck is over

 this is about the only reason I can see for the UFC to sign Hallman out of the blue like this...

ranier wolfcastle -  matt was able to defend bj on his back

serra never had anything close to a dsub on him.

hallmans luck is over

 Hallman isnt a pure BJJ guy. His subs are unorthodox and come from different angles and positioning.

StillNoTop10wins -  They must have been impressed by Hallman's TUF tryout.

Robin Phoenix, IMO.

 Hallman's luck is over agreed