Hallman tapps Trigg in AD

I thought this was pretty interesting since, aside from Hallman getting his revenge for getting smashed by Trigg in the UFC, Trigg had only been tapped by Matt Hughes previously though Trigg also entered the first Adu Dhabi and though he lost to Renzo Gracie, he did not get tapped to the great Renzo (apparently that was a very close match with Renzo winning by a sweep?)

Though it was also MMA, Trigg faced JJ Machado, Fabiano Iha and Mach Sakurai and i dont think was every in danger of a sub against them (against Iha, it may not have even hit the ground, i havent seen it).

Trigg also was never in any danger of anything against Hallman in the UFC and took Hallman out pretty good (Ive heard some say on here that that fight may have been stopped too early - Hallman was clearly rocked and gone in that one).

Can anyone give a fight descrip on this AD match between the 2? Ive read that Hallman got a heel hook while I also read that Trigg only entered on a few weeks notice too? Anyhow, Im sure Hallman was pretty stoked about this one.....

i'm pretty sure frank entered the tournament with just a few days notice at a weight class above where he usually competes.

i'm not taking anything away from dennis, because he's got legit skillz, but abu dhabi isn't frank's game. he's much more effective throwin' elbows and punches.

"he's much more effective throwin' elbows and punches."

Yup. I doubt Hallman could lock in a heel hook if Trigg was dropping bombs on his head. Two different games. One guy owns the other in one game, and vise versa.

Jerry Hall has Trigg doing some intense training..

Like the demanding "shopping for a teddy bear" drill or the ever popular "sewage swim"!

Let's not forget the mental training that comes from "standing outside in the rain" training.

"One guy owns the other in one game, and vise versa. "

Yup, pretty much seems the case though Im sure Trigg would do better with more prep (though I would still pick Hallman).

Another thing, the weight classes in AD are 167lbs and then 191lbs I believe. Of course Trigg makes 170 for MMA but is by no means a small WW, he walks up to 185-190 i believe (though perhaps not his top fighting weight).

Hallman caught him, Trigg seemed to spin the wrong way to get out--then appeared to tap more out of wanting to avoid an injury than due to pain. Match was quick.