Hallman Vs. Rivera is ON

Just heard it on mmaweeklyradio. It's on for UFC 55.

Dennis Hallman Vs. Jorge Rivera is on for UFC 55 at 185 pounds.

If he keeps it standing obviously will be to his afvantage. If Dennis gets it to the ground he will sub him.

Hallman doesn't seem excited to cut to 170 anymore. He walks around @190-195.

hallman will not submit Jorge.

Jorge's ground game is way under rated since the Murray loss. he got caught. happens.

travis lutter got pounded by Rivera and this past weekend so did Azcevdo, who's an amazing grappler as well.

Rivera by KO/TKO..

TTT To what Chris said!!! EL CONQUISTADOR !!

Best of luck to both fighters.

Oh yeah....and GO SUPERMAN!

TTT for Jorge!!


This is a tough fight which can go either way. Hallman has the advantage in this one though.

Jorge by KO/TKO

anybody thinking hallman want to put some cash down on a friendly wager?

I was wondering what the plan for Swick was. Were did you hear that?

That sounds like an awesome fight! I saw Dennis at some fights this weekend he is looking pretty big I think plenty big enough for 185.

Good luck to both but I am rooting for Jorge on this one.He shall make a great return to the UFC.

"travis lutter got pounded by Rivera and this past weekend so did Azcevdo, who's an amazing grappler as well."

Neither are as good as Hallman in MMA. Hallman is pretty unpredictable, but he has the ability to submit ANYONE at welterweight and middleweight.

either one of them might be dangerous for swick.

Chris, I'll take Hallman for $20. I am not a welcher. I pay all debts (look at my s/n for crying out loud). Hallman by triangle from mount.



My bet is for Hallman to win, although his wind has been a problem in his past. He needs to finish it in round 1.


my kid and my new magic 8 ball both say Dennis by sub

Yelm.... how did you come up with the new name?
see ya Fri! we're pullin for ya bro!

If you are talking about Sportfight I am not fighting. I was a little injured from my last fight and could not train properly. I'm better now but I've only been training full on for two weeks.

I lost a screen name bet. Goddamn you Silva!!!