Hallman's Karate -- LOL


Prior to this fight along with his previous few fights Hallman made claim he was going to use his new unstoppable Karate on his opponents but by some strange twist of fate he’s been finishing off fighters with submissions. Hallman explained why this is so,

“My Karate is so devastating if I use it they’ll make it illegal. I have to save that for an emergency. I’m going to have to bust it out only if I’m in real trouble, which I’m never in, so you never know when you’ll get to see it.”

L O L. He sounds like Sam Pie.


Karate is nothing like that campy Sam Pie.
Those guys are for real. They break bricks with their heads.

Would you break a brick with your head? I don't think so. Why would anybody do that?

Those Karate guys are CRAZY.

No I would not. But it has yet to translate to real fighting.

MMA that is.

in related news, I'm a ninja.

MayheM is a fraud! If you were a REAL ninja then how come we can see you?? Answer me that!

ttt for Upper Body Karate

Would a beat down a la Frank Trigg qualify as an "emergency"?

Did not he watch his two fights with Trigg???? NEVER IN ANY TROUBLE????????

It is pretty obvious that Hallman is a joker and he isnt serious about Karate. Look back at his past interviews and you will see he is joking about a lot of things and his karate joke is just that. He might have lost to Frank Trigg but he is still one of the best pound for pound fighters of our time.

and the weigh-ins with the comedy karate stance lol :D


Come to think of it..............Yeah. Now I feel pretty stupid for not realizing it.

Hallman never really gets mentioned in the P4P debate(s)...but he's cut to 155 and lost a decision to the UFC LW Champ...he has two wins over the most dominate WW EVER...and now he's cleaning house as a MW (3 wins in a total of just 4:07).

Think about it for a while. Until BJ Penn started jumping weight classes, Hallman was the only fighter to EVER have been ranked in the top ten in 3 diffrent weight classes...and that was BEFORE he fought Pulver at 155.

As for his karate...dont knock it until you've seen it. He doesn't use his karate in the UFC because someone might steal his 'secret techniques'.

He was on the MMAWeakly radio show before the Reno Sport Fight and challenged Trigg to a fight at 185...Trigg declined saying it would be an embarassment to fight Hallman again.

Dennis is most dangerous where he's comfortable, and he's comfortable at 185...using his karate skills.

Hallman doesn't have to break bricks with his karate...they see him coming and break themselves.

Dennis is a great fighter and I think he would be a great adition to the 185 or 170 UFC or Pride company.

lol @ Hallman

Dennis practices a hybrid style of karate known as

It usually involves spitting Copenhagen into a dude's face and then kicking him in the nuts with some cowboy boots. If done correctly, cannot be blocked.....

If Hallman incorporated some sort of sensible diet he would be better imo. You can only do so much eating the way he does.

I was at the last rumble on the rock when dennis fought Ross.. ross had agreed to fight Dennis at 180 when he fights at 170 and probly walks around at 178-180.. In the fight dennis did look a lot bigger than Ross. Dennis looked to be at 190+ at fight night. Does that tell you something about Ross.. When Trigg declined to fight dennis at 185.. trigg is a top fighter and so is Dennis.. But Why would Ross fight dennis at 180 He had Balls!!!

I think Hallman has the tools, but seems to lack the desire to be the best. If you know him - it's hard to bet against him him.

Whenver I see him between fights Dennis is maybe 180. I don't think his frame ever carries much more.