Halo 2.5 - yes, we were robbed....

This is supposed to be good news that the game was left incomplete INTENTIONALLY as a means of having a big-name XBox 2 launch title? Screw that - I love my XBox and have bought over 100 games for it, but dammit if I'm not changing over to PS3 just to protest getting an INCOMPLETE game designed to hook me (just like crack dealers give out their first rock for free....)

cut & pasted from http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/7408/Halo-25-and-Xbox-2-The-Bomb/

Have you been naughty or nice? Maybe Santa cares about that when delivering Christmas gifts but we here at TeamXbox have a present for you regardless. You can wait until Christmas night to open your gift or keep reading for what might be the very first real info on Halo 2 Director’s Cut.

OXM was the first to report about Halo 2.5 revealing that the game is planned as an Xbox 2 launch title but now you’re going to read the very first details, straight from one of our most trusted sources:

“Halo 2.5 will be an Xbox 2 launch title and is going to run in HDTV resolution with new, improved textures and graphical effects. All the stuff that people expected from Halo 2 but didn’t make the cut will be there.”

Although our source didn’t specify which HDTV resolution the game will run at, HDTV’s lower spec is enough to get excited. Can you imagine Halo 2 running at 1280x720?!!! We also wonder what was meant by “all the stuff people expected from Halo 2 but didn’t make the cut.” With this kind of top-secret info, you don’t ask; you simply listen. We cross our fingers that this will include online co-op, more multiplayer maps, and the final conclusion to the Halo 2 story.

“The technology that powers Halo 2 has been designed from day one to take advantage of the next generation hardware,” the insider added. “In Halo 2, the Xbox was pushed to its limits but now the game will reach new heights with the advanced hardware.”

But that is not the only info our insider had for us as soon after he dropped the bomb: “Now, here is the twist. Halo 2.5 will come preloaded with the optional HDD. It’ll be one of the two reasons to get the Xbox 2 that comes with a hard drive. The other reason… well, you’ll just have to wait”

Sounds crazy to us but that’s what we have been told. Interestedly, if this is true, the rumor confirms the existence of, at least, two editions of the Xbox successor. Last month, we reported about the supposed Microsoft plan to release three versions of the Xbox successor. Although never in console history has an add-on sold enough to represent a large percentage of the install base, the inclusion of Halo 2.5 would probably sell millions of hard drives and/or other peripherals that includes this special edition.

And supposedly, there’s still one other reason…what could that be?

"And supposedly, there’s still one other reason…what could that be?"


What a joke, I really enjoy playing Halo 2 online but there's so few new things combined with the short storyline (and two months later, not a single new map) and it feels like an expansion pack more than a new game. 2.5 will probably have one new gun, the atv, a new multiplayer map and the last part of the story.

LOL @ the ending to a game "not making the cut".


Those Bungie moterfuckers couldn't finish a fucking game in 3 fucking years?!?!

So they release an "incomplete" version out of necesity? Or was it part of their plan all along?


a new multiplayer map = good

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Stupid fucking fanboys are going to buy this horse shit anyway. What a screw job.

Halo=$5 tops. You pay more, you got screwed mang.

this is typical microscrew at work.

I am sure the h2.5 will not run on the old x box also.

I am also am satisifed with Halo 2

why complain about the story? if there was an "end" to halo 2, halo 3's stroyline would have to be far reaching to find new content. think of all trilogys the second chapter always leaves something to be desired.

that sucks. when does the xbox 2 come out? i'm barely getting 2 here and 2.5 is coming out.

It is a GAME, not an epic movie ala Star Wars or indiana jones.

Whatever crapola Bugie engineers to slum out of this one will be admirable, but not memorable.

They will fuck all of you "xbox live" excuse making fools out of a worthy game, and give you the leftovers of Halo 2.

Don't believe me? You shoulda heard my buddy after I finished Halo 2. He had already completed it, and wanted to witness my reaction. I said it was a retarded ending for a game. As a XBOX fanboy he was far more enraged, claiming he would set a bomb off in microsoft HQ. In my levelheaded and indifferent state I reminded him that stiff federal penalties would surely follow such an act, and he decided against it.

But he is no longer a loyal XBOX talking head, so Bungie and the shareholders should take heed and prepare for such swine as my buddy.

Sak-fu - it's on tap for Christmas 2005, but we'll see if that really happens.

God knows I won't get it for a while, if only because (A) I already have ~50 XBox games I haven't played and (B) it'll be ridiculously expensive, esp. with the hard drive add-on (e.g., I'm betting on $399.99). And that's assuming they still follow the business model of "lose money on the console itself and make it back on games." Otherwise that thing might easily be $500.

Halo kicks ass

Can you imagine Halo 2 running at 1280x720?!

LOL@ next gen consoles being almost as good as a 3 year old PC