Halo 2 Dominated By Cheaters

Was just checking out the stats for some of the top guys on Halo 2 and it's ridiculously obvious how they got to be the top guys. A lot of the top 10 clans are the same people in different clans, throwing games against each other (there are a ton of games that end 3-0 with one team having zero kills, there are a couple team slayer games ending in 50-0). The top clan has played over 500 games and the vast majority of them are against themselves and the ones that aren't they've obviously been cabling the other team. It's absolutely ridiculous that nothing has been done to these guys (500 games!). The members of Terror Squad are also 1&2 on Team Skirmish with over 1000 games a piece, more than most of which are phonies. You'd think that'd be enough evidence to ban those bitches.

those dickheads need to get lives.

those losers have too much fucking time. once they get a fucking job, they'll learn to play games to relax and have fun instead of playing games to boost their egos

I made this post on the bungie.net forum thread about the top 4 clans.

"It's obvious that bungie is committed to doing nothing but counting the money they've made from Halo 2. Not a single new map, 1 play list update in 2 months, a ton of rampant cheating and not a damn thing being done about it. I appreciate that bungie is pretending to "look into" the cheaters but it's not like it's hard to tell that they are cheating, EVERYONE in Terror Squad should be banned and everyone in their dummy clans as well. Bungie will probably give them a little slap on the wrist and then go back to counting the cash they've made off of this incomplete expansion pack."

I was playing last night for the first time in awhile and I finally witnessed someone cheat. I was playing a bigteam battle, since none of you fuckers were online, on waterworks. I was protecting the flag when all of a sudden it just disappeared and I was like wtf, some guy asked what happened and I said our flag disappeared. He said that they were cheating and I checked the connections and almost everyone was in the red, all of our team. He started yelling fucking cheaters and our whole team started bitching, except me of course since I don't bitch, and then the flag reappeared outside of our base. Later on we were about to score with there flag when the game paused and then all of a sudden our guy was dead and their flag had returned. It was pretty gay but wtf.

More annoying then that was in a assualt game on headlong. One of there guys took the bomb and went and hid on top of one of the buildings by flying up there with a banshee. Since we couldn't kill him the round went on forever and we just kept killing his teammates. Eventually someone flew up there and killed him and the round finally ended. The shitty part was that there was no one else left on his team and so we just scored with ease after that and on top of that I betrayed the guy on my team who was going to plant the last bomb for the win and he booted me from the game the fucker. So after playing and waiting in this shitty game forever I get booted and don't even get any points lol.

All in all it was a good night though since I hadn't played in so long. My aim was way off and I was constantly shooting in the air or into walls. I think I'm ready to play some clan matches now though.

Agreed that these fags need to get lives. Unfortunately the fact that you care who is highly ranked in an online FPS means that you're not quite as different from them as you think.

I remember back in 97, 98... There was hardly any cheaters, and guys who did were villified and sent packing... With the size now and aount of users, it's one of the many reason why on-line mutiplayer FPS's don't do that much for me.

The worse thing is when you join your first clan and find out after months of suspicion by you and other clan members that your clan leader is a hacker lol.

I'm with Pun on this one. playing with the OG crew is fun no matter who we are playing against.

if you've never seen popeye t-bagging some guy talking shit the whole time you have missed out.

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Popeye was laying a verbal beatdown on someguy last night while we were all laughing. Finally the guy doesn't really have a comeback and so he started bringing out the "n" word.

i HATE these stinking cheating fucks! Last night we were playing a big team battle and I actually hear one of the guys from the other Team say "are we ready to use the glitch"

fuckers! I didn't know what glitch it was until I realized the timer for them to ctf was stuck at 05 seconds for about 3 minutes. bastards.

"I didn't know what glitch it was until I realized the timer for them to ctf was stuck at 05 seconds for about 3 minutes. bastards."

This isn't a glitch, for some games overtime lasts as long as they have proximity on the flag. So they had a guy hidden somewhere near your base making the game last really long. It could have been one of a billion glitches.