Halo 2 INFO

alright boys and girls what do you know for a fact about Halo 2? what i know is that there will be online play, duel weapon use, destuctible enviornments, and revamped weapons. does anyone know if systemlink split screen MP will be avalible?

System link splint screen is available and they upped the amount of xbox's you can link so you can have more than 4.

OMG, 12 -vs- 12 ctf. I hope the maps are big enough.

NoPlacebo where did you hear about that i heard split screen was on the cutting room floor this time around

Never heard anything of the sort and I read all the weekly updates. Split screen MP was huge for Halo and I see no reason why they wouldn't plan on doing it again for Halo 2.

If you search for it, you'll find a number of sights that say it will have split screen MP but I'm looking for something official.

Thats great news Haol 2 W/O splitscreen MP would blow

those maps kicked monkey ass.

Prob wont have mods but they will gave DL content which will make the game always fresh