Halo 2 story spoiler

SPOILERS! rumored story leaked out of bungie. if you don't wanna know, or don't care to know. DONT READ!


Upon returning from deep space, after destroying the weapon known as Halo during a conflict with the Convenant, you, the Master Chief and your trusty AI guidance system Cortana, find yourself in front row seats to the end of Earth. Covenant Armada Battleships attack at the Earth mercilessly in hopes of destroying your very world. Seeing the imminent danger, you jump into action. Literally.

Level 01
Nothing More Than Memories

Spotting the attack on Earth you drop from your ship in space, propelling yourself downward towards a gigantic Covenant Armada Battleship. You grasp onto the edges of the ship and find your way into a ventilation shaft and then a shadowy corridor.

Once inside the craft you make your way through the all-too-familiar corridors and meet up with Covenant Troops (Elites, Hunters, Grunts, Jackals, Brutes). You battle deep into the belly of the craft, via Cortana who advises that Marine prisoners are aboard. Once you find your way to the prison block the Marines tell you that several of their vehicles have been confiscated and are in a rear cargo hold. You and the Marines make your way there, taking out Covenant Troops on the way. You locate the vehicles, several Warthogs and Panthers, the new ATVs, in a cargo cell on the nearest side of a huge docking bay, which is holding their ship, the Purge. There you charge out of the cargo cell and battle several large bands of Covenant Troops throughout. The Marines have told you that there is important information on the ship, but you are unable to get to it in time. During the battle the Covenant see your plans to steal back the Purge and they release it out of the bay, pushing it down toward their target on Earth, New Mombasa, a major protectorate located in East Africa. When you're finished mopping up the Covenant Troops, Cortana tells you and any remaining Marines to head to a front docking bay where a Covenant Battalion is waiting to board a drop ship headed toward Earth.

Once you arrive there you see you are largely outnumbered and Cortana suggests sneaking aboard the ship, and making themselves known only after landing.

Level 02
Another Day In The Office

Once the craft touches down atop a gigantic skyscraper, in the city of Versani also called Earth City (the largest city in the world located in Eastern Africa), Cortana advises that several kilometers away is a Marine Pelican with familiar faces. In order to reach it you need to scuttle down the skyscraper through the internal structure of the building.

The drop ship releases you, the Marines and the Covenant Troops and immediately you're already engaged in battle. You finish the first wave off, and the Marines tell you they will secure the area knowing you're more useful fighting at the front lines. Cortana tells you to travel to the bottom of the building and you enter the roof stairwell and make your way down the dark and damaged interior of the skyscraper. Down the stairwell you come upon other Covenant Troops and you battle them through the interior of the office building all the way down into the underground parking garage. There, Cortana tells you that you must enter the sewer system to get to the other building where the Pelican is currently perched. You enter through a grate and drop into the sewage levels. At first there is no sign of life, then as you reach the underbelly of the city streets you hear the war raging above, explosions and gunfire galore. There you run into a small platoon of Covenant Troops, and you engage in steady combat until reach the sewage exit. You find yourself in a dark alley way and Cortana points you to an unlocked door nearby, there you enter what appears to have been a bank. You climb that building floor by floor through more Covenant Troops, until you breach the top and meet with your fellow Marines.

Level 03
Hero Business

Once reaching the Pelican you and it's crew disembark from the skyscraper and head to New Mombasa where some fallen Marines are getting hit hard by a stationary plasma cannon. You're told that they need assistance taking out this gun; otherwise the West Section of New Mombasa will be completely lost. You volunteer your services and are immediately thrown into the battle site.

There you and other Marines mark the nearby cannon so that bombers can swoop down and take it out of commission. During the melee you and your group lay siege to nearby Revenant, a new sleeker battle tank, and are told to take all of them out. You chase them around the Mombasa streetscape, taking out one by one on Warthogs. The chase darts in and out of structures and through the subway system. Once they are all taken out, a large grouping of Covenant Troops on Ghosts and Phantoms, a mid-size Covenant drop/battle ship, begin to attack from the north. You're able to take the majority of them out, but are told by Cortana that there are many more coming and you need to draw their attention away from the Marines. She directs you to one of the Ghosts nearby. You snag it and head off to the direction she's advised, the Phantoms and Banshees in tow.

You're able to escape them throughout a narrow roadway, but you find yourself stranded on a highway while large arrow shaped stones shoot from the sky into the ground, more then five meters tall each. Inside, Elite soldiers emerge and initiate combat. You are able to dispatch several of them with a plasma grenade and gun fire, but an explosion from a nearby cannon knocks you off the roadway and onto the ground below.

Level 04
A Dirty Little Secret Pt. 1

You find yourself in a park on the outskirts of New Mombasa. Cortana tells you that the Purge's crash site, incidentally, is not far away and that based on the readings she was getting, the information the Marines were referring to as "important" appears to be just that, since the Covenant have concentrated their forces around the site. So inevitably you venture off in it's direction. You enter a massive forest area with large trees and the occasional Covenant Troop. When you make you way into the clearing you see a massive battle taking place. You come up behind the Marines and they ask for your assistance. There are several Scorpions and Warthogs there to choose from, or you can take it by foot. There is the occasional rock and tree to use as cover, but for the most part it's open territory. Cortana advises you that the Covenant, knowing the significance of the information on board is guarding the Purge, which is only a little ways behind them. After you and the Marines have cleared out the Covenant Troops, or if you decide to just dart through the battle, you make your way into a large forest area again. Revenants and Phantoms lay chase and race through the forest with you, making it virtually impossible on foot. With a vehicle and some fellow Marines, you're able to pass this section after taking out half a dozen of these vehicles through the rocky and tree-filled terrain. Once you get to the end of the forest you find another clearing and see the burning hull of the Purge sticking straight up out of the ground, with Covenant Troops guarding the base of the crash site.

Cortana tells you that although it's going to be difficult you have to enter the Purge and go into the control deck located at the top of what appears to be a narrow-mountain sticking out of the ground a kilometer into the air with smoke and ash smoldering from within. Banshees fly about the craft watching for intruders, and Scroptions scuttle across the ground with hordes of Covenant Troops.

You can choose to either use a sniper rifle to take out Covenant Troops one-by-one at a distance while the Marines create a diversion with your vehicle or you can rush them and catch them off guard. Either way, once the enemies are cleared, you make your way into the cracked hull of the ship. Since the ship is sideways it's extremely difficult to scale, but you make your way alone from a holding cell into a corridor. There you are faced with more Covenant Troops. You battle through the ship, into a mess hall and down more corridors, walking on the walls instead of the floor. Cortana guides your through several docking bays, the armory and a conference hall until you get into the control deck where you see other Covenant aliens named Prophets.

They're in the control deck viewing a hologram of what appears to be the original Halo, the hologram pans out to see literally hundreds of Halos located throughout the galaxy. Cortana tells you to not intrude, hoping to learn something from this. Based on the visuals and the communication she determines something grave. That the Halo, which you destroyed, was only one of many, and that the Covenant is planning on using these as weapons against other planets, including Earth (if it survives its current attack). They believe that their gods planted these weapons in the galaxy and it is their job to use them to rule it without question. The hologram is being projected from a disk, and Cortana tells you that the disk is the crucial information, and you need to retrieve it at all costs. You jump and grab the disk, and several Covenant Troops suddenly appear, engaging their weapons and preparing to fire. The control deck windshield is cracked and open but the drop below would kill you, you look down to the ground a kilometer below, with Banshees spiralling about the ship.

Suddenly and without hesitation, you leap from the control deck plummeting towards the ground much to the Covenant's surprise. With a well-timed leap you drop atop a Banshee and remove the Elite, flinging him to the ground You reach under and pull out the Covenant Troop, and hurling him to the ground far below. Before the Banshee can crash, you take control and head off to safety.


Upon returning to the human headquarters in Earth City, you and Cortana deliver the newly acquired information to the commanding officers. When they open it they discover that the vast majority of the Halos existing are not active, and have actually never been stepped on by the Covenant. However there are many that are active and very close completion. The source for these is believed to be another race prior to the Covenant and that they had designed them as a way of generating control in the galaxy and it eventually became the only hope against the Flood. It is decided that the only way to stop the Halos from all going active is to access one of them and find a weak point in their structure, perhaps something that connects all of them. You and Cortana, along with thousands of other Marines board the recon ship, the Refuge and head towards the nearest Halo.

Level 05
Home On The Range

Upon arriving on Halo the defenses are very high so the Marines take pods to the ground to come in without be noticed. You land in a large canyon area between massive, steep mountains and go forward with a variety of vehicles that detach from pods, including a Hornet, a new Marine vehicle that flies similar to the Banshee.

You and your band of Marines charge forward, coming into quick conflict with the Covenant Troops within the canyon walls. You break out into a large field area where there are a great deal of Covenant forces with their weapons and vehicles. You notice three massive plasma turrets which are creating an impasse to the cavern which leads to the base. They are spread out over the battlefield, and in order to proceed to the Covenant base it is imperative to take out these out. If you don't have a vehicle it's in your best interest to get one, and head to the nearest turret. Using grenades, missiles and other firepower at the rear-power-generator of each turret will take it out after a while. Once the three are down the Marines will give you the go ahead to leave, and Cortana will guide you to the Covenant base. As you approach the Covenant base alone you find that it is heavily fortified with huge walls. This fortress is located next to a vast body of water, and there is an abundance visible snow falling within the walls of the base. Cortana directs you to a side entrance with minimal guards and you make your way into the outer wall fortification carefully. In the dark recesses of the outer Covenant base you trail your way through the generator rooms and using several elevators make your way onto the top of the bases' walled defense. Taking out enemies as you go you clear the top sections of the walls and avoid firing from various turret points below. When you reach the end of the wall on the far side of the base, you drop below and down into the wall's interior structure, and back to the ground level. There you and Cortana get communication from the Marines that reinforcements are on its way, and they request that you open the main entrance gate. Cortana leads you to a power generator switch for the gate within a structure in the main court yard, and after dispatching Covenant troops you can open the gates and allow the Marines to enter. You exit the structure and continue down through towards the interior of the Covenant base. The Covenant Troops barricade the rear entrance of the base with their forces and there are two more turrets, which pose a similar threat. Once the issue with them is resolved as before, you and the remaining Marine forces continue through the Covenant base, which is by in large forged of rocky structures similar to the original Halo's bases. Throughout the rear sections of the base you meet more resistance but eventually find you way into the main interior structure of the base, via a ramp down into Halo.

Level 06
Burn Baby Burn

With the base you find that it's extremely dark and cold, with snow and ice in large quantities throughout the facility. You and any remaining Marines begin your trek into the depths of Halo, meeting with resistance in small pockets. You travel through corridors and tunnels, across familiar bridges and large landings. You come to another circular clearing outside the complex within a very large canyon. Above is an assortment of Banshees swirling about, and fortunately a pair of Hornets and a Warthog lie nearby a fallen Pelican that had somehow made it into this portion of the base. You can take any of the crafts and make your way to the far side of the canyon section, but it usually is more prudent to take out the Banshees first, as you have to unlock the entrance gate to continue to the next side, which is guarded by three more turrets. Find a quick way into the unlocking room in a central bunker in the canyon or take out the Banshees and then the turrets, and locate the unlocking room. With the gate open, Cortana tells the remaining Marines to fortify the area, and that you will proceed alone from there. You enter the gate. As you enter, you see a dim light at the end of this long tunnel. Moving forward the light gets bigger and soon, as Cortana explains, this is the central core of Halo, essentially it's power source. You move into a large cavern, brightly lit by large lakes and pools of lava and magma. The walls are rock and natural formations, with strange writing on the walls.

Cortana is curious and as you get deeper and deeper into the core she begins to decipher the writing. She advises you that the writing, strangely familiar, was made by another civilization, which had discovered space travel a long time ago. They created Halo originally as a system with which to make sure the systems and planets followed their rule, creating the mythos that they were gods. She says this is how the notion of religion came into being. The virus later named the Flood, wrought havoc on them and eventually, Cortana believes, caused them to become extinct. Which, she says, is where the Covenant stepped in, a pact made between several of the strongest worlds, set to channel the power of Halo. They stopped and held the Flood at bay, presenting a formidable threat to the rest of the galaxy and then went off, conquering to conquer in the footsteps of the creators of Halo, their gods.

After penetrating a large section of the core, you come in contact with new Covenant enemies, some which appear strictly robotic, and they begin to attack. They pose a unique threat as they can only be destroyed in the back of their necks, which Cortana points out immediately. You dispatch these enemies, and head deeper into the caverns. As you travel further into the core, taking out hordes of enemies as they appear, Cortana guides you to what she believes in the source, a place the Covenant refer to as The Sanctuary. The deeper you travel the more violent the lava reacts and the more erratic the cavern shakes, with rocks and debris falling from inside. The last trek is across a long bridge, which leads to another white light. Cortana advises you that the bridge appears to be a trap and will begin to fall as you attempt to cross it. She tells you to run, which you do, and you enter the lit doorway at the end of the bridge, if you pass without falling.."


Within the white light are a group of Covenant aliens called the Prophets, being guarded by other robotic soldiers all surrounding a black, endless chamber in the ground with a white light hovering above it. Although they prepare to attack, raising their weapons, they do not. Cortana explains that this is the center of Halo, the control center chamber that activates its weapon systems and if it was destroyed this particular Halo would be rendered inoperable. The Prophets begin to attack, and she translates the Prophets words to you. They tell you they are the leaders of the Covenant and that the gods have granted them the power to use Halo. They said for thousands of years no one has been able to present a worthy threat to them, and they have been told that one day an enemy would, and that enemy would be from the blood of their gods. They tell you that you are that enemy, and explain that you must be a god as well. They show you a hologram of the Halo being constructed many millennia ago, by the "gods." When the hologram becomes clearer the faces of these gods are evident. They are humans. Cortana believes it to be impossible, but the Prophets go on to claim that they have never known the true face of the creators of Halo, but now it is apparent to them. They tell you it's your destiny to join them and continue their reign of terror until the entire galaxy belongs to the Covenant. You ask them what happens if you don't, and they tell you that you must be destroyed if you refuse. You tell them you'll take the chance and drop an incendiary grenade (fire bomb, a new type of grenade that bursts into flames) in the control center chamber. You fling some plasma grenades at the closest robotic enemies, and the incendiary grenade ignites flashing light out of the chamber and upward. Cortana tells you to get down, and you turn to run as the robotic soldiers explode and the Prophets cry out in fear. You're able to escape the initial explosion and Cortana directs you to a protective wall. The explosion shakes Halo, and the wall you're behind is propelled out of Halo's surface and into space. You fly teamxboxd towards the nothingness of space, with Cortana sarcastically advising that this is a bad situation. As you fly further, at unimaginable speed, you see something in distance coming towards you, and then you realize what it is. It's the other side of the Halo ring. Unable to look back, only to cling onto the wall, of which both you and it are burning in fire. The fire stops and you're in space, still heading towards the other side of Halo. As you approach the other side of the ring, Cortana whispers that you'll never make it. Heading towards the dark blue oceans of the other side of Halo the screen goes black.

Level 07
A Dirty Little Secret Pt. 2

When you awaken you are on the edge of an ocean looking out over the expanse of a massive section of Halo, and your health almost completely drained. You have drifted upon a beach, with no soul in sight. In the sky, far in the distance you can see pieces of Halo splintering apart where you were. Behind you is a large, lush-green jungle with a path in the center. You take it and make your way through the foliage. At first, there is nothing. Then you hear it above you, Banshees combing the area. Cortana advises that Covenant Troops are on their way directly up the path, and she tells you to take a secondary path into a gully nearby. You drop down below as Covenant Troops pass, and you make your way to the dark side of the jungle. There several bands of Covenant Troops attack. Once you take care of the enemies and emerge from the jungle you're in a vast savannah with long light brown grass. At the center is a pile of rocks and several Marines with Warthogs surrounding a several smoldering pods, Cortana explains they must have been one of the parties waging the attack on this Halo. They're firing at the Banshees, Revenants and other Covenant Troops. Cortana guides you to the center through the conflagration, attacking Covenant Troops along the way. When you reach the Marines they're glad to see you. She tells you to get some health and head off with the Warthog into the far end of the savannah where there is another path into the jungle, she says it leads to some sort of a structure which would provide them with better cover. More Covenant Troops attack as you drive, many of them on Ghosts, Revenants and Phantoms. It's best to hi-jack one of their vehicles as they are the faster to navigate of the ones available. The jungle gets quiet save for a low rumbling sound Cortana points out as all of Halo breaking apart. You enter another clearing and there is a large stone structure within a clearing resembling a massive step-temple (very similar to Mayan Temples in Central America). The Warthogs halt and you step out guns raised.

Walking toward the structure, Cortana tells you it appears to be empty or is at least masking the heat signatures of any inhabitants. You ask her how the Covenant could think humans were the creators of Halo. She believes it could be a ruse or that it could be something more complicated then anyone had ever imagined. As you and other Marines approach and enter the temple she explains that if the hologram was true and humans did create the Halo system then it must happen sometime in the future, not in the past. You ask how it's possible for them to exist now if they're not even made yet and she says that in the future we may find out that they are the only way we can effectively destroy the Covenant, so we created them and send them back in time through some black hole phenomena or indepedent technology, waiting for thousands of years to be used, suspended in space throughout the galaxy. When we brought them to this time we had hoped to stop the Covenant before they began their conquest, but the Flood changed everything. She says there really isn't any other possibilty. You and the other Marines enter slowly into the darkness following the corridors deep into the structure, and Cortana continues in her rant. She goes on to say, if this theory is possible then it means that we should be able to uncover a way to end the threat that Halo poses back on Earth, since humans were the original builders of Halo. You ask where we would begin to look for such a place, and she says that if the Covenant are aware that humans made Halo maybe that's why they're attacking Earth now, to find it's secrets so they can solidify their ability to use the Halo weapon system.

As you dig deeper into the catacombs Covenant Troops appear.

Cortana guides you through the Covenant hordes and she says that a Marine drop ship called the Conviction has been contacted and she is directing them to the top of the temple. You and your Marines bound through the temple under her guidance (which takes a good little while) towards the top where you see the Conviction, a very large elongated craft, coming in low towards the side of the Temple. The Marines run towards the ship, but as they do Phantoms begin to attack in large numbers from the far side of the temple. A plasma burst from one of them explodes on the hatch killing several Marines and destroying that airlock chamber.

Cortana tells the pilot to pull up, that you'll grab onto the side and get to the other airlock in time but they need to get out now. You grab on and pull yourself into a place on the ship as it takes off under pursuit by the Banshees. Finally it breaches the atmosphere and the Banshees fall away one by one. Clinging to the side of the Conviction as it is heading into space, which is at this point smoldering and exploding because of the attacks from the Covenant. Cortana instructs you that there is another airlock on the far side of the ship and that you should be able to walk there across the hull using your suit's capabilities despite the gravity conditions, if you take it slowly. You tell her that you're not familiar with the concept "slow" and yank yourself up onto the top section of the hull of the Conviction. While coasting in the air to that location you see in the distance several many of the arrow-shaped contraptions that you saw on Earth, encasing Covenant Troops. They crash into the hull and emerge, Cortana explaining that a drop ship above is using this attack to penetrate the Convictions shields in order to take control of the ship rather then destroy it outright.

She tells you that you should dispatch them on your way to the other side. You work your way around the corners and find that every time you jump you float very high into the air. Your work your way throughout the outer shell of the Conviction attacking here and there when Covenant Troops appear for a short while. Cortana directs you to airlock after you eliminate all the threats to the ship, but only after you do so. Once all the Covenant Troop threats have been removed then you head towards the airlock which she uses a beacon to guide you.


Inside the ship Cortana, you and the commanding officer are watching Halo split apart and fragment. She tells them the information that they have found and ask the command center on Earth if there are any areas that the Covenant are specifically concentrating on, perhaps even unpopulated. They say that there is one in particular, at the center of the Sahara Desert, the reasoning for which at this point their intelligence could not discern why. Cortana tells them that is where they need to go because somewhere hidden in the sand is the secret to the elimination of Halo as a threat, and the opportunity for humans to defend Earth.

Level 08
Last Stand

A Pelican takes you a distance away from the Covenant concentration point in the Sahara Desert along with other Marines, several Warthogs, Hornets and Panthers. They tell you that you'll have to travel north east from the insertion point about five kilometers and that you should expect a great resistance in Covenant Troops the closer your reach the concentration site.

You begin taking one of the vehicles, with other Marines in tow also selecting vehicles. Initially your are just climbing sand dunes and working your way around rocky structures, but then you make it into a large flat land and a great deal of Covenant Troops emerge in their various vehicles, charging towards you. Cortana tells you and the Marines to just charge through and not waste time on engaging in drawn out battles. As you move forward, fending off Covenant attacks from both ground and air you begin to approach what appears to be a huge mountain. Cortana points out that although this structure appears natural it is actually man made, and very old. And despite the hundreds of Covenant Troops that you are mowing down, the concentration of Covenant Troops in that structure is much more. You break off from the other Marines as you get closer, and they tell you they'll create a diversion as you make your way into the concentration point.

You park your vehicle and get out of it; any remaining Marines in your immediate location take control of it and go off. As you approach the entrance in entrance more Covenant Troops emerge on foot. After taking them out you enter the structure through what appears to be a doorway.

Once inside you find yourself in a very sophisticated complex with technology that appears to mirror in large degree the Covenant's. Cortana says that as you get deeper you should find the central control room according to the satellite imagery. There you should be able to take all Halos offline by just requesting it through the mainframes AI, but, she says, getting there is going to be a challenge system the structure is a literal labyrinth. You come in contact with continuous strands of Covenant Troops of all shapes and sizes as you make your way deep into the structure, traveling further and further down into the ground. After a long while the trek comes to a conclusion at the front of the control room, in a massive atrium-like room. There you wage battle with a great deal of the most powerful Covenant Troops, and when you have eliminated them all you can gain access to the control room.

Once inside you find two Prophets who you quickly dispatch, and Cortana begins to access the mainframes AI. It speaks asking for a command. She requests direct access to all Halo directives and requests for them to be turned off immediately. The system says that in order to complete that command this entire station must self-destruct. You look and Cortana, and she says that there's no way that you could make it out in time. You respond that it doesn't matter anymore; this is what needs to be done. She shrugs and then initiates the sequence; the mainframe AI tells you that all personnel have ten minutes to evacuate the premises.

Immediately she locates another way out, and says that there is one last chance if you can make it to the far side of the structure in time. You head off as an orange beacon appears on your display showing you the available exit. Running through the complex you come into contact with sporadic groupings of Covenant Troops, some of which are running around without direction for lack of leadership. You avoid these and just run. After a few minutes you reach the exterior of the structure where there is still war waging between many Marines and Covenant Troops, on ground and in air. A nearby Ghost is flipped over in the sand not too far away, of which Cortana tells you to use to get out in time. You flip it and jet off over the battle-scarred sea of sand, while the war rages on. Cortana says that she is going to have all Marines pull out. The time continues to drop as you reach the outer edge of the battle, and you have to jump and dive around and through sand dunes and hills as the clock ticks down to zero. The screen goes white when it hits zero, while Cortana is calling out to you. Then there is silence.


If you make it far enough to escape the blast inferno you'll get this ending: The desert is calm with sand blowing through the air in billows. It's flat and quiet without any sounds. A Pelican soars close to the floor breaking the silence, the pilot talks to his crew. "It should be right around here, he says, slowing down to drop a crew with what appears to be recon equipment. They have a machine, which is tracking an object buried in the sand. They approach the believed area based on the beeping response from the machine and one of them says to start digging. With some sort of sonar equipment they locate what appears to be an armored body underground, and after a few moments of digging using another advanced machine they pry up your body, the body of Master Chief. "Is he alive" one of the men asks, and the other responds "yes, but he's unconscious." One of the other's ask who he is, and the pilot responds: "Our hero."

I think Cortana is ridiculous as a Japanese. Very distracting because of how unusual it would be.

I hope they bring back the library level.

The library level was some wikked shit. It was there that I realized the ONLY purpose of the very weak and otherwise useless machine gun: To kill those little flood popcorns.

People claimed it was the worse level in a FPS since "Control"

What people?

I read that in some mag a long time ago when it first came out. Something about either horribly frustrating or way too long/difficult? Probably just propaganda I'm spewing.

Oh, I agree with that, but it was the only truly challenging level.

So was "Control" in Goldeneye. It took alot of "control" to not smash the television screen.