Halo 2 tips/strategies for OG'ers

Let's post some tips and strategies for Halo 2 guys. I only know of a few but I'll share. Leave tips/strategies for gametypes, maps, weapons and just straight up killing techniques.


In the Waterworks level, you can drop down on the opposing teams flag through the roof (out of a Banshee even) grab it, take 3 steps towards the window, and then squeeze the left trigger to throw the flag, it'll go out of the window, where hopefully your team can drive by and snag it in a warthog.

In the Blood Gulch level (keep forgetting the new name) you can jump onto the hood of the Banshee if it's in the bottom of the base and grab the flag through the floor of the flag room.

If your making a flag run back and your a freaking Killer (capital K) toss the flag and kill the pursuers and hopefully wait for back up. Too often the flag runner get's shot down and the opposing teams sets up camp around it and picks off your buddies one at a time. Unless your strategy is just to get as close to the base as possible.

Alot of people know this one, but in Waterworks you can use the Wraith tank to push the big green crate/boxes to effectively block ground level entrances to the base, forcing the opposing team to enter/exit from the top.


Sticking together is better unless your a Killer (capital K) cuz you can overwhelm single opponents, but beware the rockets if your all crowding around.


Stay moving at all times when your outside due to the snipers. At least this way only the really good guys can headshot you from across the map. (zig/zag)

The rocket launcher warthog and the Brute Shot's explosions give a healthy concussion to buildings that can add to the confusion inside. To me it's extremely annoying to have the rocket warthog driving around outside the base constantly shaking the building.

Let's hear some more.

sword glitch

You need a rocket launcher and a sword.

  • Find and aim at an enemy.
  • Make sure your Aiming thing (Recticle?) is red.
  • Quickly hit switch weapons and, at the same time, start pressing really fast on the R button to lunge with the sword.

If someone's got a shotgun don't close the distance with them, backpedal and keep firing when they try move in on you. I keep running straight at them and getting blown away.

You can fly the ghost into the base on Zanzibar if you use the ramp round the side and open the gate pretty quickly, making it easier for your teammates to roll in with the jeep and take the flag. Once the gate's open I don't think it can be closed so it's worth doing.

Regrouping before assaulting a base makes sense, people on their owm get picked off pretty easily.

On assault games keep an eye on your base at all times, I keep forgetting and get drawn into battles with groups of people and then suddenly hear that 'bomb armed... bomb planted' message and I'm like 'doh!'

Oh yeah, and speaking of assaults if you're on offensive on burial mounds don't fuck around getting in the jeep. I think we got blown up eight times the other day by someone running up to that bridge and getting the rocket launcher whilst we were faffing around deciding who should carry the bomb.

Oh yeah and I like the SMG/Plasma rifle combo.

to often (read all the time) in CTF guys belt out with the worthog forst to try and storm the base. The worthog is the only vehicle that can carry the flag bearer so keep it back.

Lead an assault with the ghosts/banshees/snipers/rockets and wraiths, destroy as much of the opposing vehicles as possible then drive in with the hog with two passangers. Use the machine gun to take care of any enemy foot soldiers while the flag is retreaved. Get in and drive off.

Seems to be the best strategy cos once the hog is gone it takes ages to respawn, if it ever does.

Yeah good point

If you are fighting an Energy Sword wielder, don't forget about your plasma grenades. I've managed to stick quite a few guys that just came straight at me for the kill.

The plasma pistol, when charged up, is actually pretty good if you dual-wield it. One blast (that homes in on the opponent) will knock your opponent's shields down, then your second weapon can finish the dude off with only a few shots. Very effective.

When flying around in the ghost, (or any vehicle), don't ram unless you are going fast (or using your boosters) otherwise you'll most likely get jacked.

I get a ton of splatter kills with the ghost because I don't just charge people, I'll fire a few shots at em and they'll usually try to jump to avoid it, on the way down I boost and run em over. Same with the wraith, which is slow as hell but has a really quick 20 yard boost, fire a few shots, make em jump then boost over the top of em as they come down.

Don't forget your ability to melee even if you are dual wielding, I win a lot of 1 on 1 battles by a hair because we charge each other and as soon as they are close enough I bash em. It won't kill a guy in one hit but it will finish them off very quickly allowing you to survive (tho often just barely) and win the battle. Also, it's very easy to assassinate someone from behind if they are spinning around trying to find you, stop shooting for a second in those crazy fire fights and just bash the back of their heads.

i like the tornado offense. you just get in the middle of a bunch of people, pull the trigger, and spin around in circles.

Single Player:

Depending on what you are fighting, hand off weapons to your NPCs. If you're fighting flood, make sure everyone has shotguns, Sentinel Beams, SMGs. The covenant weapons are very effective against shielded enemies, but suck against flood and brutes it seems. The Needler however, sucks horribly against the flood.

If one on one, best bang for your buck is dual weilding Needlers. There's few things that can stand up to having 60 needles sticking out of them.

Against Covenant, Trade out SMG's and pistols for Plasma Rifles, Cov Carbines or Battle Rifles.

Giving a Battle Rifle or a Cov Carbine to a Jackal can turn them into a killing machine!

If you can, give sniper rifles of any type to your boys, they are dead shots and can nail people in the head from miles away while strafing fire from another target... Insane.

Also, avoid giving a needler to any NPC, it seems that they never use them.

If the game is Swords and you enjoy winning, you want to be on my team.

I have seen noplacebo in action, and I'm now a beleiver.

This is great. I was actually thinking about a thread like this. I actually bought the Halo guide book, and it has nothing really for multiplayer tips.

Like people have said, a fully charged plasma pistol is great to dual wield, as you can opponents very quickly with the second weapon.

Also, against someone with an oversheild, the charged plasma shot takes it down like its not there.

The best combos for duel-wielding are, from best to worst.:



Plasma Rifle/SMG


SMG/SMG - Absolute worst.

Dual Magnums are powerful, but you run out of ammo very quickly.

I dont get Plasma Pistol/Magnum ever, but it's decent. Not sure about dual needlers.

Often its easier to snipe the yeallow glowing rectangular boxes than the opponent, as they blow up when u hit them.

The best defense against the sword is the shotgun. When they lunge at you kill them with a point-blank blast to the face.

When people see you coming at them with the sword, they stay out of range of the lunge by backing up. Stop them from doing this by weilding a gun, until they are close enough, then switch to the sword.


On Zanzibar, you can close the shutters in the defending base, by whacking or shooting the base of the arm holding them up.

You can blow up a ghost in one single shot by hitting its weak spot - the round engine on the left side by the foot of the driver.

You can throw the flag through the closed gate.


When you have control of the skull on lockout, go through the energy lift, then turn right and jump down to the walkway below. Turn back around and go back into the same room and go back on the lift - good cycle to buy time while having control of the skull.

You can jump to the battle rifle nest from the front, you dont have to go up the ramps at the back. You jump onto the ledge, the up to the slope in front of the nest. You can get to the sniper rifle nest basically the same way. You jump from a ledge in the open center area, onto the ramp leading up to the sniper's nest.


You can leap from the sniper rifle are by the snipe ramp to the teleportation gate (the destination).

For slayer on Ascension, the best strategy is to get the rocket launcher and shotgun as much as possible. Take the leap of faith. If the launcher is there, go into the energy lift and blow up some people when you are in the air. If its not there, go thru the teleporter and get the shotgun. Run around the outside walklways instead of the middle to get some close range kills.

Never walk into the middle disk. If you need to get to the other side, run around on the rocks. Only go into the middle disk if two people are already fighting to try and get the coveted double kill.


This is the big level in the cave, with the thing going up and down in the middle. If you take the Banshee, you can shoot down the stalactites down from the ceiling onto opponents underneath. You can blow them up with a rocket launcher too.


The best weapons on Colosus are the shotguns. Get a shotgun, then goto the area where the energy lift
flies you to. Thats where all the action takes place usually. Never use the battle rifle, its tempting because its a big level, but the thing is a POS.

Good stuff guys. Keep'em coming.

NoPlacebo is truly a nightmare w/the sword. I killed him a few times from behind or when he was backing away from one of my already killed team members but I believe I lost every face to face exchange w/him. Someone else was murdering pretty hard w/the sword if I remember correctly on the Ascencion level. And no it wasn't me.

Oh, and a tip I learned last night from No Placebo on the Lockout map. If your following someone up one of those ramps, beware of No Place...errr I mean the opponent reaching the landing and then jumping back down behind you (or on top of you). Or you can try it yourself, I did and I committed suicide once, but the next time I landed on the ramp and surprised the victim.


There are a couple really good ways to kill people like that on lockout, it's really easy to get behind people on the ramps. Also on lockout, so many people go through the beam lift/elevator and then just wait at the top for the person following them to fly towards them, this is a big mistake. I go up the lift and then jump back into the lift looking down on my opponent as they are coming up, sure it throws me out of the lift after a few seconds but if the game is swords, I've already hit my completely unaware opponent on the top of his head or if it's a regular game, I've drilled him for a few headshots since that's all you can see. Hope I explained this correctly.

Lou22 was also trashing people with the sword but I barely saw the bastard. It seemed everywhere I turned I saw Puzzled and quooL.

Also, PR is completely correct about the shotgun on colossus and a few other levels, it's devastating but I often find myself nailing people with nearly point blank shots and not getting the kill (especially in a crazy fire fight) so I started using my melee immediately after firing (there's almost no delay, it's quicker than firing a second shot) and I've had lot more success. Try it, see if it works for you.

Stats from swords on ascension game, hope the link works.

Dude, that link works. And apparently the XBL ranking system and stats system kick major arse. LOL! I think maybe last night I was kind of targeting you if I saw you, cuz you were absolutely slaughtering my team bro. I kept seeing my teammates names followed by "killed by No Placebo" "killed by Lou22" you guys were raping us so you became more valuable kills.

It's a good thing you and Lou weren't on the same teams. Oh, and why was he on the doodoo colored team by himself?

ANOTHER TIP: As far as setting up teams via LAN parties and XBL. Don't assume that more (in number) inexperienced players makes up for an opposing team of better players. We learned this the hard way after our last LAN party. A team of 2 good guys could easily win a Team Slayer match against 4 or 5 of mixed newbs and decent players. Why? Because the targetS (read kills) are easier to take down and in more abundance. In other words their environment is more rich w/targets than yours so they can rack up 50 kills in relatively short time. So try to balance the teams out in other ways. Be sure to spread out the Newbs in the games and split up the killers. In addition, I think you can make some other adjustments to the game to help compensate for this but the Killers might not like it.

Sword glitch- Since Fob77 added a sword glitch, I thought I'd remind people of the "Sword Sailing" glitch. I really don't see the advantage of using it in a game, unless you just wanted to look odd flying through the air or something. Anyhow, you have to be in the passenger side of the Warthog armed w/the sword. You have to lock on to someone, reticule turns red then hit the right trigger to dash at them. Only thing is, your contained in the warthog seat. So wherever your opponent goes that's where you'll end up flying to when you hit X to get out of the warthog. Also, the longer you wait to exit and the further the opponent is determines how high you go.

I've done it a few times on the Coagulation map w/some buddies but haven't tried on XBL. I've heard of people jacking Banshees high in the air but I don't know if I believe them, as it takes quite a bit of coordination to pull it off. Unless, they meant they did it b/c they were trying to do it to see if it could be done. Anyway...

There's some videos online somewhere of guys doing some mid-air sword jousting on the Coag map, looks freaky but has no real advantage that I can see in a game.

Really? I'm going to go and try that shit now...

I accept, I'll be on tonight. I'm not as good head to head, not sure why, I tend to do better in larger team games shrugs. We'll see!

I just tried the sword sailing... man it's very strange. Especially if you have one guy stand at the end of the map and then drive to the opposite end before getting out of the jeep - you can watch through the binoculars as this flying guy with a sword just charges toward you through mid air.

What time will you be on?