Halo 3 trailer on Marketplace

No gameplay shown, but it looks awesome, and word from Bungie:

"everything you're seeing here is being rendered in real-time on the Xbox 360, using the current version of our Halo 3 game engine. The HDR lighting, self-shadowing, GPU-run particle system and many other effects should make it intact (and more) to our final game"

Finally finished downloading. Looks incredible. I'll believe it's real-time when I'm playing the game; until then, it looks too good to be true.

And no Steve Vai!

Considering the power of the machine, it should look very very good.

Have you seen the Crysis demo? How does it compare?

fak i wish i had live

This one's pretty minimal, so can't really compare to Crysis. It's more like MGS4, dusty, etc. It's really just a brief teaser.

It's up at bungie.net

Why do you care about anything more complicated than one of the millions of free Flash-based games you can get all over the net? Or is it just because Mario and Link aren't in them that they don't appeal to you?

All the buzzword stuff = more IMMERSION, which is what many of us look for in games.

Particle effects = smoke, sparks, etc -- stuff that ups the immersion. At this point it's less about poly counts than it is about effects (particle, motion blur, etc) as far as getting that much closer to CG.

I'm trying to d/l the trailer right now, but my d/l is stuck at 52% and it ain't moving.

I imagine the Live servers must just be getting HAMMERED.

orcus is correct. TTT for immersion.

its really just a tiny teaser trailer. doesnt show any gameplay or anything impressive. i was blown away by mgs4 and crysis, but the halo3 trailer was just "meh." im sure itll look very nice when its done though.

It'll be awhile before we see anything on any platform that outdoes Crysis, I think.

If as Bungie said that was all real-time then it was impressive.

LOL@Crysis being exactly the same game as FarCry... With better graphics. Where's the originality. Sure there's heaps of scope for impressive visuals, but still, a bit samey.

They just showed real gameplay of Crysis on G4. The lighting and effects are totally what make the game (as we were just saying). A lot of the foliage is still the same old two-intersecting-flat-sprites that I thought was behind us forever. But the lighting and physics and destructibility make it awesome. Like most games shown this early, the framerate was awful.

looks awesome. cant wait

"Since Peter Jackson will be doing the Halo movie"

for real? Oh man, how awesome is that?!!?

Does that mean Boll wont have anything to do with it as well?!

"Mr Jackson said he had been playing Halo 2 in the evening while shooting King Kong"

Like I could think he was anymore of a legend than he already is!

He obviously had a big hand in the King Kong game, and loved to death Beyond Good and Evil. He knows his gaming unlike Uwe... vomits