Halo Legendary maps

anyone play these yet? they are OK, if you played Halo 2 you'll know 2 of the maps pretty well..the 3rd is decent, lots of cover, but a very tiny map

lockout (now known as Blackout- same exact level, nothing changed for the most part) and Sidewinder(now known as Avalanche)- Sorry, Sidewinder was in the first one, huge level with lots of vehicles

That's awesome. Lockout is my all-time favourite Halo map and Sidewinder is a great map too. Haven't played much Sidewinder in ages.

How long until they're free?

jeez, probably sometime in the summer. I would recommend to wait unless you absolutely need to play the levels. Which i did, but now disappointed I bought them

 i haven't played halo since cod4 came out...  how many more maps are there

Yeah, Morg, I'll wait.

there is 6 additional maps they've added in like the last 5 or 6 months