I think I'm going to finally pick it up this afternoon. Can you play through the entire thing coop?

yes you can.

Wow. This game is pretty bad-ass for a FPS. I wonder why nobody ever told me to get this game before now? I had a buddy of mine show up to play some coop. Very sweet game.

Damn, I guess you've missed all the halo wars here on the GamerGround.

I'm kidding. EVERYBODY told me to buy HALO but I didn't.

Until last night I mean.

it's a great game. I just wish they put more time in developing the stages though

God, I hate that game.

We know. lol

Tsuneo hates anything that involves xbox.

i am starting to get sick of HALO aARRRGGHHH!!

I just barely played through this game and I completely agree about the stages, I hated how every other room was exactly like the one before it. Couple of the stages were very well designed but for the most part, ugh. Don't get me wrong, I like the game. For all it's faults, it's very fun which is obviously why it's so popular.

Yeah well that's an issue for all consoles.

Halo wasn't the first game I got for my Xbox (4th actually), I came from a hardcore quake background and never thought I'd like a console FPS. Man, was I wrong.

I only noticed the levels were the same backwards when I played it a 2nd time through. And who the hell cares when some of the best computer AI on offer is coming after your ass? (tip: Only play Legendary)