Hamden v. Tata Duarte (Must Miss!)

Just watched the Jehad Hamdan (ISR) v. Otavio Tata Duarte(BRA) match on ADCC-2003 tournament set Disc 3.

This match is a must miss. I thought I was at a freaking 8th grade prom dance... only watching sweaty large hairy guys dance! Very disturbing.

I want to know why this was included on the DVD while other better fights received editing? I thought... "well if they are going to make me watch this much dancing, it must end with a fabulous technique."

BUT NO... the match had no technique whatsoever and on my death bed I will lament the 10 minutes I wasted watching the damn match and the 3 minutes I wasted bitching about it on here.

Caveat: I don't want to fight, grapple, meet, or ever disrespect either of these fighters. It would be a boring encounter!

i feel your pain

Yeah, that was among the lamest matches I have ever seen.