Hamed Skills?

Recently I have been going through some magazines and have noticed that a lot of good things were said about Hamed. Things like he was a good counter puncher and had amazing power and all that ohter shit.

My question is how do you guys rate him, I mean before he started getting lazy. I mean was he just your basic brawler or did he have good technique or what?

from what i know he was a pretty good boxer as an amatuer. One dodgy decision went against him and brendon decided to teach him how to plant his feet and gte more power in his shots. and the results, well they speak for themselves really. I read that in a book, i think it was called 'the paddy and the prince'

he was elusive, and unorthodoxed, with a strong punch, but I would not rate him high. pac man and any other fighter with good fundementals would clean his clock. but I loved watching him, hoping that he would get the !%@# kicked out of him.

What a fucking dumb statement that is. Where do you get this shit from gator? Here's why that statement if flawed...

1. He'll probably never fight again.
2. There's probably no way he'd make 126 again.
3. In his last fight against a decent fighter, he was utterly embarrased over 12 rounds. MAB is currently rated 3 in the world by boxrec.com.
4.Get your facts straight - his last fight was 19 months ago, against (essentially) a nobody.

youngcorbett - sorry, I meant to answer your question too.

In terms of ratings, Hamed is like Marciano - guys tend to think he's awesome or pathetic. And, like Marciano, I think that the truth is somewhere in between.

He had more ability as a fighter that he had skill - his punch won him just about everything. Far too often he be getting beaten up before eventually overpowering the other guy (Ingle, Kelly.) Had it not been for his power, he'd not have gotten half the spoils he did.

He was fun to watch though - genuinely arrogant with a kill or be killed style, which generally made for great fights.

He came unstuck against MAB, who was just too quick, too smart and with too good a chin (not the sorta guy anyone can take out with a single shot - there goes Hamed's chance to win.) In his last fight, he went through hell to make weight, having to weigh in 3 times (I think) and stripping naked before making weight. I don't his body will ever be able to get down to 126 again. If he did, this drain combined with a complete inactivity over the last 19 months means he probably have severe problems getting into the top 10 at 126. If he moved up a division, he get smoked (I bet Morales would love to try and better MAB's slaughter of him.) At 130 his power would be reduced suffiently for him to no longer be a one-punch hitter against most of the top 10 in the division.

lol at the moron.

I actually liked Hamed a lot when he was younger and fighting on terrestrial (sp?) TV in the UK. Then he went to Sky, became a prick and lost most of his ability.

Boxing needs more people like him...I always watched his matches hoping he would lose.....

So he was like a one trick poney in that he beat guys with his power?

Joe Ray and I_Can't_Fight are 100% about his power, it was awesome.

His reflexes were good, but against top level competiton (MAB) with good handspeed, this skill was negated, and he had nothing else to rely on.

Homie - Manuel Medina too. Nothing but power got him through those fights.

Prince Hamed definitly has aquired some boxing skills over the years. They just aren't the conventional by the book skills many other boxers use.
Hamed used his unorthodox style to bait his opponents. He was often wide open and his opponents would get over anxious. When they would try landing a combination Hamed would throw a devestating shot and KO his opponent. The skills he used worked for him because he has great punching power. Anyone with a good basic conventional style and who would not get frustrated would defeat a fighter like Hamed.

Lack combinations.
Lack descent defense.

i think he had good basic skills but used natural and sometimes unusual moves when fighting a bit like a boxing genki sudo.

he was a wicked puncher

ive seen all his fights, i think hes good but is too cocky, which makes him seem to be "overrated" when is his next fight???