hamill is gonna get hurt

for some reason im just very uncomfortable watching hamill fight. it just seems like a disaster waiting to happen i just see him standing in front a good fighter tired with his hands at his waist in this case....bisping. i remember how his body reacted after getting hit in practice.

this guy is gonna get brutally ko'ed and i just pray that he will be okay afterwards. i cant beleive more people aren't worried about this.

" I cant beleive more people aren't worried about this."

when and if it does happen, it wont be worse than most other guys getting put down.

I've only seen him fight a couple times but has he ever actually used his skills in wrestling/GnP? I've only seen his aggressive, sloppy as all hell striking. Someone needs to tell him takedowns/GnP is good in mma.

is he scheduled to fight Bisping?

i hope your right ss but he looked like he was freaking dying when groves hit him. couple that with the way he holds his hands this could get ugly. he wont be able to lnp his way against any good fighters because he'll keep getting stood up, plus he tires badly by the 3rd.

i cant believe the ufc or anybody else cant see this as a potential problem. hamill is a great guy and great wrestler i just dont think he should be in the octagon

Guy at work: "Matt Hamill? Never heard of him."

Me:"Neither has he."
Clueless expression follows.

"I know. The guy must be deaf."

LOL I am going to hell for laughing at that

I take Hamill...
here's why.

Bisping made a point during the show, saying over and over again how frustrating it was training with Matt because he was dominating EVERYONE on the team.

Now, usually for TUF members, I wipe the slate clean after they leave the house because that is often when they really pick up their training, get with a good camp, and start to show what they are worth...

In Bisping's case, he continues to do the same as he did before the show... train in the WOLF's LAIR in England, where he's the top dog, doing the top tricks...thats how he has a 13-0 record...he's fought European C level and a few B level guys...he hasn't fought the Pride level Euro fighters, he's fought the Euro NOBODY's!!!!

I think this fight goes just like JAKE OBRIEN vs. HEATH HERRING. An accomplished wrestler commands the fight with his skills, and the few times his opponent gets the stand-up, he's overanxious and he gets taken down again in no time.

Go Hamill!