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Hi Guys!

I'am looking for a dojo to train BJJ/MMA at I would like to earn my ranks in BJJ and compete and also train for MMA as well.. I'am 26 I started training in the Martial Arts when I was 6 and earned my 3rd dan in traditional Karate, But I now would like to pursue BJJ/MMA, I have some previous experience in semi-contact and full contact traditional Karate, but not as much grappling experience, I'am looking for bunch of good guys and girls to train with to help me pursue my goals e.t.c.. if anyone can help me out in anyway email me at dionlackner@hotmail.com Thanks Guys!


You said you know Jeff Joslin then why would you not think of training at Joslin's.


Although there may be other places to train in Hamilton (I don't
know of any personally) you can't beat Jeff's place for good BJJ
training. He is very technical and tough and has a lot of good guys
who train with him.



Joslins offers classes in Brazillian Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Submission Wrestling, Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and more! Honestly, there isnt anywhere else that can compete at there level IN HAMILTON! You should swing by and try out a class! Very friendly atmosphere and no egos!
Classes in BJJ/MMA taught by Pan AM Champion/Grapplers Quest and NAGA champion Jeff Joslin! Who is also a brown belt in brazillian jiu-jitsu under Romero "JACARE" Cavalcanti!!!Not only is Jeff an accomplished instructor and competitor but he also has many students who are regular competitors and champions in there sport!

Also, if youre in hamilton this weekend check out the ontario submission wrestling invitational to be held at cathedral high school! 12 matches featuring 24 of Canadas top submission grapplers!
Cathedral is located on the corner of Wilson and wentworth street!

www.niagarabjj.ca, the only blackbelt in the southwest
ontario area!!!

the first class is on me!!



JOSLINS is the place to train. Lots of different skill levels, lots of different size folks, always a good turn out to classes, classes everynight from 8pm-9:30pm, 2 classes on Monday nights Submission Wrestling, then MMA right afterwards. Day classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, these are usually small classes but, great for almost private instruction really (5-10 people). They have kickboxing, and boxing classes as well.

Plus as you progress and earn your belts which takes some time, they'll be recognized belts. To have a blue belt at Joslins means you've, trained hard, spent a lot of time at the club, know your techniques, and are good for the club atmosphere.


If you want to train BJJ/MMA go to Joslin's.

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Joslins all the way, baby!!!

Thats right!

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Joslins for sure. we're all a bunch of good guys (even though some of us are to nice ;){rowan}.......no honestly he wont touch you like that unless you ask.

anyways come to joslins and try it out...nothing to lose(but lots to gain)


Does a BJJ/MMA membership at Joslins include use of the facilities during non class times as well? How much is a membership 'monthly' are there any initiation/registration fee's e.t.c.. What does a typical BJJ or a MMA class consist off? tecnique drills, lots of free rolling e.t.c.. Thanks Guys. Dion

SpiritualShoqun why dont you just come to joslin's and try a class and find out all that info when your there, and yes you can use the facilities during non class times.

Starts off with calisthenics, stretching, warm-up, then techniques, and then training every class. Some times we do drills as well.

Like Iron Legs said come in and try a class, ask questions, talk with members while trying the first class. Yes you can use the facility during the day when there's no classes or any other time when there's no classes.

There's so many classes that it satisfies everyone's desire to train. Costs, that you talk in private with the club not on an open forum. When you get the cost, you can call around and price shop, but they wont have the same quality instruction, and number of classes.

Wiley forgot to tell you that we steal your soul on the first class....that's why it's free.

gabora, email me ASAP please!