Hamlett or Hallman - CALL ME!

Need to talk MFC on 5/14.

To everyone out there, how does Hallman v. Chalangov sound?

: )

It sounds completely awesome, that's how it sounds.

How does Kevin Jordan vs. Alex Emelianenko sound?

How does Tengiz Tedoradze vs. Kerry Schall sound?

Tengiz, if I get it, will be against Rob Constance of Renzo Gracie team.

Alex will get his visa this month, and he will face Dan Christison, who won last show, and I am convinced will take the match deep into rounds....

Man you readin' my mind!

I agree it sounds awesome. Hallman has the skills to beat anyone on any given night! make it happen!

Hallman vs Chalangov would be awsome (if Chalangov is the guy I think he is)

Tengiz unfortunetly liost this past weekend, but he would steal be a great addition to MFC.

Who is Rob Cnostance though? I can't recall ever hearing that name in my life.

Contance is a Renzo guy, physically EXTREMELY strong (stronger than Monson, for instance) it may be his first fight, but he will have the home field, etc.

It is 4 AM where I am I am thru 1/2 a bottle of vodka, nothing is signed, but Chalangov hallman or someone tough WILL happen. Chalangov of LEGION team belongs to MFC!

it's not rob's first fight. he fought for us a year or two years ago. Reality Fighting. A very tough fight against Antoine Joaude. As I remember this fight was an absolute war.

miguel. what date is this show?

Rob Constance is a really tough guy. Big man solid ground game I have seen him in grappling tournies I think he even had a match against Severn. He also has heavy hands and fought a great fight against Joaude

i remember the jouade/constance fight. there was a controversial restart in that one.

I knew he had fought, he just comes back as 0-0 on SHERDOG. Working with Lynn on this one, so I will let you know when it comes to fruition!

$#&$*&^ double post!

FCFighter has Constance's fight vs. Jaoude listed - Jaoude won the decision at RF 2 on 11/2/02.


If you get an opening on the card I really want a step up fight against a UFC calibur veteran. If you can make this happen that would be sweet balls. If not, I'll just have to come as Ron's corner and spend the week gambling again. Good luck putting together the show and I'll see you soon.


Miguel is my fight still on?

Noble, Miguel called me and says that he hates you.

Miguel, I tried to call you but you don't answer....Call me. Dennis

 Hey, Miguel, will you guys be putting DVD's out 

anytime soon? Also, how many times have you
been asked that question today?

Yeah get Dennis on the card and also I think it would be the shit if you can get Benji Radach vs Nick Thompson. That would be great.

I would love to fight Radach, he is a bad man. And I have a moderately hostile dispostion.


get Eddie Alverez back!