HammerHead Focus Target


I thought this would fit in best in our home S & C forum. I hope that
some of you may find this interesting!

I've recently had the opportunity to examine and test a new style of
focus striking pad. The HammerHead is a three-dimensional replica of
a human head made of polyurethane. The surface is very smooth and
durable. A hole in the back of the "Head" contains the vertical handle,
which is comfortably padded in foam rubber. The "Head" features life-
like anatomical structures (eyes, nose, ears, chin, and neck) which
enhance its value as a targeting tool for a wide range of striking
techniques. The use of the optional straps allow the Head to be
mounted on a heavy bag for solo training.

In use, the Head is gripped by its handle and presented to the trainee.

The realism of the target allows the user to fine-tune their strikes to
have maximal effect when hitting an actual human target. Often, when
hitting flat-style focus pads, one can slip into a bit of imprecision and
"sloppiness", due to the lack of realism in the target surface. Here, you
can target the jaw or the nose, for instance.


The "feeder" (holder of the target) can present a stationary target to the
trainee, or actually "bob and weave" the Head in a realistic manner.

Having to hit a three-dimensional target with accuracy will force you to
step up your game! The feeder can actually throw a blow with one
hand, and simultaneously present a "head" target for you as you slip/
avoid the punch.

The handle inside the HammerHead provides a solid grip on the device.

It is comfortable to hold, and the foam padding assists in shock
absorption. In certain circumstances, it can be useful to use the
second hand to support the Head by holding onto the neck (cupping
the hand underneath).

Probably the biggest advantage to the users of the HammerHead is that
one does not need to be a highly-proficient "feeder" for focus pad
training. Typically, the results achieved in focus pad boxing work
depend heavily on the skill and inventiveness of the feeder. Providing
the proper angle of the flat pad for the desired blow, while in the
context of high-speed combination work, is often difficult for less-
experienced feeders.

The realism provided by the HammerHead ensures that an appropriate
target is ALWAYS presented to the trainee. I can't stress this fact
enough. The Head may be tilted downward, as when the opponent
ducks a blow and the crown of his head is pointed at you. You are now
able to correctly judge the depth and location of the proper target,
with realistic cues and visual presentation.

The "creative" feeder can use TWO HammerHeads and really stress the

For use in Women's Self-Defense classes, the Head offers realistic
anatomical targets and "handles". We teach women to use the ears
(for example) as handles to enhance the penetration of eye gouges.

With the HammerHead, this tactic can be practiced successfully.

Another application is the use of tactile targeting, such as when
clinched with an attacker in darkness. By using the known anatomical
landmarks, one may locate the eyes for gouges without visual
confirmation of the target. Imagine presenting the HammerHead from
the back seat of a car to the female driver.... She may reach over her
shoulder and instantly "feel" for her eye gouge target. The durability
of the HammerHead means that she may also use her tire pressure
gauge (for instance) as an impact weapon, hitting a REALISTIC size and
shape target!

For combatives students, the HammerHead provides the appropriate
targets for blows in all three "axis" vectors. The realistic chin allows
palm strikes (chin jabs) to be used from underneath the Head. The
ears, temples and jaw provide lateral targets. The nose and eyes
provide direct targets. This features are the same as those which
propelled the BOB dummy and Spar-Pro full-torso dummies to fame,
all in a portable package!

The Head is realistically HARD. So many striking pads are extremely
soft and cushy that they do not convey the proper impact impulse
upon striking. The soft pads also do not provide the feedback
necessary for us to fine-tune our "weapon", often allowing us to hit
with improperly-formed fists, etc. The immediate feedback provided
by the HammerHead forces you to land blows correctly! Is this
valuable to you???? Ever try to fight with a broken hand???? Might as
well really understand what the REAL THING feels like when you hit it!!

The HammerHead is very durable. The manufacturer provides a 60-
day warrantee, though I doubt you'll have need of it. My friend
SouthNarc, a reknowned international trainer, even spent several hours
in one class with everyone striking the HammerHead with blackjacks
and saps. There was zero damage to the Head! For trainers like us,
the HammerHead provides a PORTABLE dummy that can be used
anywhere, even a hotel room.

If it isn't obvious by now, I highly recommend the HammerHead for
students of all levels in any striking sport/martial art. The Head
provides a very realistic target that will accelerate your skill

For those of you who've read my writings on the net for several years,
and for the thousands who've trained with us, you know that I don't
just jump on the bandwagon with every new gimmick that comes
along. I think so highly of the HammerHead that I'm going to become
a distributor! I don't think there can be any higher praise for a training
device than that!

for more information AND PICTURES:


Lee Aldridge
Head Instructor
Reality Based Fighting Concepts


I'm very interested in this product. Aside from it being realistic, you won't need a good pad holder to do your focus pad training anymore (good pad holders, believe it or not, are extremely hard to find).

Thanks for posting! I think this thing has a lot of potential.

You may contact me via email through my website listed at the end of the

The manufacturer will be raising the price on his site, but I will keep the
price at the current level for all the MMA.TV guys.

I've been a mod on this forum for years. Many of you who know me also
know that I don't mince words. This product can truly assist you in
improving your striking, either by yourself or with a partner. And, that
partner doesn't have to be a skilled pad handler.


Sounds like a good product if it is durable. You should post this on the main forum too.

Oh, it's durable. It's constructed of polyurethane, which is the toughest
material that is used for running shoe midsoles, etc.

If you read the review, they beat on this thing with blackjacks and saps for
a whole day with no damage.

I did post it on the main forum, too. Thanks.


The beauty of the product is that now the target isn't some arbitrary flat surface; it's a 3D surface that will move according to how a fighter's head will move during a fight. No need to worry about pad proximity when doing a jab/cross/left hook.

If the holder knows how to approximate a fighter's reaction when being struck, this product can be a very useful training aid.

Lee, what was the original price?

I think it looks cool. I would imagine a ton of CQC types would love this thing. Have you shown it off at the Blauer forum??


The price from me is $99.95 + $10 S/H.

The mfg's price will be $119.95.

You can contact me through my email on my website: