hammil vs. bisping ufc 75

I live in Utica NY where Matt Hamill has his school. He's telling people he got the call to fight Bisping in September.

I think Bispings going to hit Matt so hard Hamill might actually start to hear things afterwards.

By "headlining" they probably meant on the main card, not prelims.


I wouldn't mind seeing that match actually, hope it happens.

Slowshot, thank you.

I actually like Hamill as well.
But dude is going to get really hurt one day keeping those hands that low.

Regarding Bisping/Hamill headlining, not on a PPV but I could see it on a future UFN!

as much as I think that is a step back for bisping I can't wait to see him tool hammil, that is if this is true

All the ingredients to be an extremely boring fight.

Glad to see this, remember on TUF Bisping didn't like all the extra attention hamill received. Should be a good one

Bisping by KO in the first round

it will be a good fight!

Probably meant "main-eventing", not "headlining"; either that, or he's delusional.

Hopefully Bisping will send Hammill out of the UFC for good.

Would rather see Bisping vs Sakara.

"You guys are real pieces of shit. Joking on a man's disability? Only in America... Pieces of Shit."

Well I am Canadian so me and GSP say piss off!

Sakara vs Bisping was more intriguing.

"He's telling people he got the call to fight Bisping in September."

Stop your trolling sir. Everyone knows Hammil wouldn't be able to hear the phone ring, let alone hear what the person on the other end has to say. I call bullshit.

Bisping by domination

bisping will win by TKO or KO in the first. Hammill has horrible striking and will get exposed. Bisping has good enough TD defense to stop Hammill

Easytapper they have special phones for the hearing impared jackass. As far as trolling, I was just on Sherdog and they have a link to ticketmaster and it is confirming that fight. This is my first post in two years, I don't troll.

i can do without seeing hammill fight on any ufc cards again...let alone on the main card. what happened to the bisping/suloev fight rumor...now that would have been a great fight.