Hammill...bad/no gameplan?

Anyone else wonder what he was trying to do? It's as though he planned to somehow stay on the outside and strike with Frankin...outside of his own punching range.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone in the modern era take so many leg kicks and not once check or lift his leg at all. That "Couture vs. Mo Smith" guard only works if the other guy is looking for a 1-shot KO, too.

The one takedown he got, he got caught almost immediately and more or less let Rich up.

I'm wondering what he was honestly planning to do in this fight.

 i agree matt had a shity strategy, he had enough talent to win a decision based on takedowns if he set em up right

 This fight bothered me in more ways then one,and I`ll leave it at that.

I kept telling him what to do but he just wouldn't listen.

Okay, bad joke, I'm going to hell.

Can Hamill shoot at all anymore?

The bisping fight went to his head. Unlike Bisping, Rich worked the body and legs when Matt shelled up. After a few leg kicks, you could tell Matt wasn't shooting anywhere..

I felt like I was watching BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk again.

Note to all wrestlers:  We get it, you think you can strike with guys that are CLEARLY better strikers.  But just swallow your pride and SHOOT A GODDAMN TAKEDOWN.

he needs a real camp....

Rich was hurting him with those kicks and was getting out of every takedown. Rich made him pay every time he tried to take him down. It looked like a typical Rich Franklin fight.

Matt has only fought professionally 6 or 7 times and it showed when matched with one of the more successful and more experienced fighter.

Rich just took him apart.

crowbar -  This fight bothered me in more ways then one,and I`ll leave it at that.

I agree...this was a really strange fight. I can only think of two things. 1.) Hamill was injured or 2.) Franklin really got the best of him when they trained together and was in his head. I thought he was really going to pressure for a takedown. He was just target practice for Franklin. I thought Franklin would win by knockout because Hamill walks around with his hands down, but never expected it to come from a liver kick. Anyone hear of any post fight comments from Hamill? I'd be interested to hear his plan.

 That fight sucked! What the hell was Matt trying (or not trying) to do?

When he got Rich down, he was in a deep armbar within 10 seconds, and then when he tried to pass Rich got up right away. I think that probably got into his head along with the leg kicks.