Hamster Millionaire Kid

I remember hearing about some kid of about 8 or 12 who'd become a millionaire. He'd started with hamsters (I think) and worked his way up to property.

I can't find any thing on him, though. Can anyone remember any details or find anything on him?


Wasn't that on "That's Incredible!"?

fucked hamsters then worked is way up???

Were they dalmation-spotted hamsters?  Cause I just watched the Royal Tenenbaums and it seems awfully familiar...

Wasn't that on "That's Incredible!"?

I think I remember seeing this kid on that show. I hope he spent it all on drugs and whores.

Step one- Hamsters

Step two- ?

Step three- Profit!


lol @ pratty.

LMAO @ Pratty!!!!!

lol Pratty

Step 2 was to breed hamsters like rabbits and sell them off to friends for profit. Then he used the profit to buy bikes and rent them out or something.

Anyone got the juice on this?


what kinda bikes

I hope those bikes had PEGS.

You could do some totally sweet jumps on a bike like that.

Where is it on Snopes? I had a search and couldn't find it.

I will one day be a hamster millionaire.