Hand Circles? WTF?

ok, this has happened on several occasions (spread out) and most recently with a guy from who has been studying aikido for a year or so. Every word out of his mouth is acompanied by circular hand gestures that end with both hands in a line in front of him...this is especially bad whenever he talks about his "art". It's funny as hell cause I don't think he realizes that he's doing it, but it's especially funny when he's talking about the ultimate effectiveness of the "soft arts". I just can't help but think "wax on, wax off". Anyone else have the same experience?

shoot a dub and drop elbows

well, i took aikido for several years...i think basically what ur seeing, is all aikido techniques are based off of a sword...and at any point during a technique u should be able to stop and put a sword in your hands...and aikido is very focused on keeping all techiques in your center...which involves alot of hip switching...and body movement