Hand I played....opinions

 I just created a thread about my first live tourny experience.  Here's a key hand that came up.  I would like some feedback on how I played it.  

 Blinds are at 50-100.  I am two seats to the left of the big blind.  I look down at 77.  I have $750 left.  I limp in for the $100.  Guy next to me also limps in.  He's short stacked with about $375 left so i was wondering why he didnt just go all in.  Anyways, everyone passes to this girl in front of the button.  She goes all in for about $425.  This girl was a pretty tight player, but I was pretty eager to call her, but then the button(the big stack on the table)this old lady not only calls her but she goes all in.  She definitely had me covered.  I took my time to make a decision.  So now I was actually thinking that the old lady probably has overpairs (AK, AQ or even KQ) because it was obvious she wanted to be heads up with the girl.  Now I was worried about the girl becasue she probably had a higher pair in the hole than me.  Plus, I then noticed that the guy next to me who also called earlier was gonna call the all in too becasue he already had the rest of his chips in his hand waiting to put it all in.  I just didnt think my pocket 77's would hold up againt 3 other players so I folded.  

 When all was said and done, I would have won the hand!   Girl had 55's.  Old lady had AQ off and guy next to me had AJ offsuit.  The pocket 55's held up!  Not only that but another fucking 7 hit on the river.  If I won that hand I would have been the chip leader in my table and would have had a good chance of winning the table.  Fuck!  What do you guys think??  how would you have played it??

theres no real way you can justify going all in with pocket 7s from an early position to 3 raises. you can pretty much guarantee that you not starting with the best hand. 55 was lucky to hold up but she was making a play from the button, probably hoping to steal the pot, but with a decent gamble if she got called.

you made the right play folding, a high percentage of times you wont win that hand.

Good fold IMO.

Looking back, the only other way I could have played it was just to go all in myself when it was my turn to act first. That it would have been up to THEM to make a decision. It would have been out of my hands at that point. But it was my first tourny and I was playing really cautiously and defensively.

easy fold onlyt because its a tournement and i wouldn't want to risk busting out in that situation.

then again, after reading your post over again, i might have called, putting the button on a steal with 2 overs.....who knows?


Yes easy fold. In NL and ESPECIALLY in a tourney situation, position is KING.

While you have a decent hand and a relatively small stack, you are not in crisis mode yet.

You cant afford to limp though as there are 9m players to act, and it's likely someone is going to raise.

Fold this hand, and go through the blinds - you will still have 600 chips left.

Then when you have a nice position you can hopefully look for a better situation. For example, if it was folded to you in Late Position, and you pick up 77, that's a VASTLY different and much better situation.