hand i played: opinions??

i posted this on another thread but i think it would be better off here:

you have 5/5 and its raised to $15. two callers to you. you call and the guy to your left goes all in for $86. two callers to you, both of which have you covered. you are currently up about 200 bucks and have about 300 infront of you. what do you do? additionally, you have to leave in 1/2 hour to beat the rush hour traffic(or you'll be playing poker for about 3-4 hours more) and you've been waiting for a chance to double up before you leave. is this it? fold, call, or raise all in?

Fold, especially with 2 callers.

1/2 hour to leave and up $200 (200% profit)...man how is this NOT an easy fold?

you say fold and pr says fold. any one for calling?

here's the deal:

the original guy was obviously holding a big pair but he was all in. the other two were calling with high aces or higher pairs than mine, i was pretty sure, which left me with the possiblity of hitting my set as the only realistic way to win. so i'm in for 86 and getting 4 to 1 on my money with only a 1 in 8 chance to hit my set. it seems like a bad call but i was playing with profit and would have put no more into that pot if i missed. i'd still be up over 100 bucks and i'd be fine with that. if i hit i figured i could extract the maximum from the other two players who would want to fight over such an already large pot and i'd wind up getting the 8 to 1 that would have justified the original call of the 86.

well, i got the 5 on the flop along with a 10 and a 7. the first guy bet 80 into me. i just called not wanting to scare out the other guy behind me who called also. the turn was a 4. checked to me. now with that improbable straight draw on the board i decided to not get too greedy and go all in for my last 135 or so. i got one caller who wound up having A/10. the all in guy had Q/Q. the final pot i won was about $850 - almost ten times my initial call of 86. so while the pot odds where not right to call, the implied odds, if i hit my hand justified my call and that fact that i was playing with profit and in a rush top leave made the call easier to make.

so basically i was risking 86 to win what i thought would wind up to be pot between 750 and 950 judging by the players and that stacks on the table.

anyone disagree with my reasoning?

I'm a pretty tight player, especially No Limit. I'd still fold.

It sounds like you are a more aggressive player and are willing to take that chance. You were a dog to the QQ preflop but ended up flopping a set. Your implied odds calculation seemed to have worked out correctly for you.

How would you have played the hand if you didn't flop a 5?

"How would you have played the hand if you didn't flop a 5?"

if i missed my set i probably would have had to folded. basically i was risking another 71 bucks for that chance to take down a huge pot and i got lucky. its not a call i'd usually make but i had to leave very soon to beat traffic and i was looking for a chance to win a big pot before i left. the fact that i was playing with profit made it easier. the worst that could have happened was i'd leave up a bit over 100 bucks. the best that could have happened was i'd leave up big.

"I would never CALL an all-in raise with a shitty hand like 55 especially with two other callers in front. Automatic fold. AUTOMATIC. "

dummy, the two callers infront of me is exactly why i called...

"the fact that i was playing with profit made it easier."

Money is money is money. :)


but it was basically my last hand and i took a shot at turning an average day into a big day. what i mean is that either way i was leaving up and i felt the risk of turning a 200 day into a 100 day was worth the reward of having a 750 - 900 day. maybe i'm rationalizing a bad call but that's the way i looked at it.

if i had had more time to play i probably would have folded and waited for a better spot, but i didn't and i took the shot i had.

as rumsfeld said, "you go to war with the army you have not the army you wish you had..."

You could easily lost all of you stack though. If the big stack had pocket 10's or 7's then you would have lost all of your money with a set of 5's losing to a set of 10's or 7's.

NL Hold em ring games are one scary game. They are great for clearing bonuses, but the thought of losing all of your day's work on one hand where you don't have the nuts is very scary to me.

I prefer to play NL tournaments and SnG's. At least I know the minimum I will lose and I don't jeopordize losing my entire day's earnings. I'm just not good enough and big enough gambler to jump into the deep waters of NL ring games.

Sounds like the right game for you though, good luck.



"I pray that I end up at a poker table with you. I pray for it."

i play everyday at the commerce. come down and answer your prayers. i'll be the guy tipping a buck on most pots and you'll most likely be the guy in the dirty velour track suit, dress shoes, and gold chains.

"You overvalue your knowledge of the game."

you overtip, dummy.


NL cash games are perfect for me. i hate limit games and feel there is too much luck in tournements to win consistantly.

no limit involves math but not to the extent as does limit. you have greater arsenal of tools in no limit and the ability to skew the pot odds by making oversized bets forcing the best hand to fold. also, the flip side to losing all your money in one hand is being able to make up for a bad session in one big hand. its almost impossible to do that in limit.

oh, and stop instigating...:)

you shouldn't have called the $15......with two callers in front of you....

ttt for velour

I hear you cant get cum out of velour


Do you make a living from poker? I'm asking because you mentioned that you play every day at Commerce. Every day at a casino sounds pretty serious (serious pro player or serious gambling addict).

i play about 5 days a week and its all i'm doing for money right now(for the last few months). i used to play late nights but now i play durring the day, monday through friday(like a job) and it works out better for me and keeps my schedule normal. i'm not a compulsive gambler and i've never played any "casino games" or bet sports. i did trade stocks as a profession for about ten years which is just as much "gambling" as poker, just a lot less fun. the money is about the same for an average year of trading - so far, knock on wood. i'm not sure what separates a "serious pro player" from "serious gambling addict" except maybe the results.....

what i do is more about playing against weak opponents rather than playing stearling poker. as BJJFan33 already said, i don't know shit.

"I hear you cant get cum out of velour"

dunno. ask BJJFan33, i'm sure he could tell you.