Hand Punch Slo-Mo video! Diaz-McGregor square off




Best quality video and angle you're gonna get. 

Only posting this because it was in question whether McGregor slapped or punched Nate's hand.  This shows that he definitely did punch Nate.


Also shows that Nate was all up in his shit and appears to have touched his nose.  So Nate did his fare share to instigate.  Conor gets quite upset when opponents don't allow him to control the face-off.


I'm ready to see them scrap.  I hope this shit brings a SUPER motivated Nate Diaz and we have a hell of a fight on our hands.  I like both guys so I really just want to see great skills demonstrated.


Good luck to both, but in a way I don't want to see the legend of McGregor die just yet.  

Nate kept his arm outstretched and Conor walked into it.

Same as Ronda punching herself with Hollys fist. Phone Post 3.0

Aren't they supposed to be wearing Reebok shit? Phone Post 3.0

Dana's face haha Phone Post 3.0

How the heck is the UFC gonna let the two face off again at the weigh-ins?

Roid rage Phone Post 3.0

God, if Dana was just 1" closer. Phone Post 3.0

Dana's face!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Damn, looks like Conor nailed Diaz on the lower two metacarpals, bones notorious for Boxer's fractures.

And Diaz's arm whipped sideways fast as shit.

Conor could have very easily broken shit with that.

Not a smart move.

Looks like Nate stretched his fist out just an extra mm to graze Conor's nose. Phone Post 3.0

Looked like a closed fist to me Phone Post 3.0

Dana's face is that of an uncle protecting his nephew from getting hit back. Phone Post 3.0

The outcry of concern and support for Nate Diaz's hand is incredible.

No harm done. Nate moved into his nose. Conor batted his hand away. No biggie Phone Post 3.0

MCFreaks - No harm done. Nate moved into his nose. Conor batted his hand away. No biggie Phone Post 3.0

Oh no ya don't.. this is the UG.. you need to grab a pitchfork right now and be outraged.

It was premeditated!

That was close fist with out a doubt.

I'm a fan of Conor but a much bigger fan of Diaz!!

WAR NATE Phone Post 3.0

Cuntner McCrack.

esque - Phone Post 3.0
lulz Phone Post 3.0

What does Mark Coleman have to say about this incident?