Hand speed drills

What drills do you guys do? I remember getting karate books at the library as a kid that would say to drop a square of paper and try to catch it half way to the ground or punch at a candle trying to put it out. What realistic stuff can the average guy without a boxing gym do to increase hand speed?

Have a friend stand in front of you with his hands facing each other and a foot apart. If you need a visual, make like you're praying or a low Thai wai. Fingertips at eye level..hands about as wide as your head.

Now, get your range by fully extending your fist so it is centered in his hand space. Now punch. He has to clap and catch your hand. You have to throw a punch with great technique. You can't feint and he cannot clap "forward".

Does this make sense?

Thanks for the input guys

Put a coin on the back of each hand, hands straight out in front of you, drive hands all the way back to your ribs, then forward, try to catch coins that have fallen off hands. This will help, or at least it helped me (comes from a novel by David Morrell, i tried it when i was bored, and my sparring partner commented that my hands were faster.) The caveat is that you must also practice the specific movement(s) you want to improve, ie, jabs, hooks, crosses, etc. Also, check your techniques, make sure they are being done efficiently (ie, no pull back before launching., returning direct to guard without dropping, no loopy droopy coming or going )Remember also, it has to come back as fast, or faster than it went out. If your problem is speed in combinations, first look at the individual techniques, then at how you time putting them together, ie, jab-cross-hook, the cross starts as the jab starts back, not when the jab is back at your chin, likewise, don't wait until the cross has returned to start the hook. In one of Tony Blauer's tapes, he has a drill where you start with one punch touching the bag, and as you pull it off, you fire the next one, ie. jab is touching bag, you retract and fire the cross at the same time. Hope this helps... shoe

"Running sprints will help alot. Shawdow box and extend your arms all the way. None of this health club crap of throwing half punches. Just be generally fit. All of theses things will increase your hand speed. "

***Are you suggesting shadowboxing WHILE you are sprinting? LOL!

And if you continue to follow Shoe's advice you will soon be able to pulverize peoples ribcages into mere shards of bone, that tear their heart and lungs to pieces, without breaking sweat. Well, at least according to the book you will...



my friends cousin used to do that coin trick but with 3 coins, layed out behind each other. his hand speed was fast as all hell.