hand wrap cleaning method

I've been cleaning my handwraps in the bathroom sink but i noticed the dye is starting to discolor the sink. I just decided to put them into a sock and throw them in the washing machine. I know boxing catalogs have a mesh bag you can buy but I was wondering what everyone else does.

Any ideas on how to keep the boxing gloves smelling fresh besides cedar chips?

Buy a mesh laundry bag at walmart. They make them for handwashables. Should be near the Ironing boards and shit like that. As far as the gloves.....i just always open them as good as I can, and leave them sit out. You could build a drying tree out of PVC and a small electronics fan or hairdryer, but not sure how easy it would be to assemble.

They make boot and glove dryers. You can find them on Ebay.

i just put them in a 5 gal bucket with some dawn. let them sit for a bit then just stretch them out somewhere, usually outside. if they really stink try using "Simple Green". i used it to clean my hockey stuff and it was the only thing that got rid of the stench.

I keep mine on all the time

I just throw them into the wash with the rest of my clothes. take them out when the wash is over and then I dont put them into the dryer

Simple Green is the Duct Tape of the Cleaning Product world.


"I just throw them into the wash with the rest of my clothes."

A fan of untying knots?

Another option instead of buying the mesh bag is to toss them in a pillow case. Throw them in (make sure the velcro is fastened) and just tie a knot in the case. Then take them out when the wash is done, hang the wraps and throw the case in the dryer (or hang that as well, if you want).

As for gloves, I just attach the velcro around a hanger and let them sit out over night. If you're really worried about the stink, buy a deodorizer spray and just give each glove a shot before hanging them.