hand wraps?!?

This has probably been asked 100 times, but I cannot figure out how to properly put on my hand wraps. I need some wrist support. I must have weak wrists because they get sore after about four minutes of training.


Use method 1. Take some tape and tape your wrists after applying the wraps. Not too tight. But that will give you some support. What I do is tape my wrists lightly BEFORE applying my wraps and then put a bit of support tape over the wraps. I only do that when I'm in really bad pain because I do want to strengthen my wrists. They don't hurt much nowadays.

A few other things:

1. Make sure you aren't bending your wrists as you punch.

2. Make sure you aren't pushing your punches. If the heavybag is swinging like a pendulum, you're probably pushing. Especially on your cross and hooks.

3. Don't overdo it on the bag. Daily, I do 3-6 rounds on a normal day. Until your wrists get stronger, do no more than 3 rounds on the bag. Spend your time on the pera loca...the double end bag. It will help your accuracy greatly.

Thanks for the help T0ki. I think I have been pushing my punches a little bit. Especially when working the focus mits.

Watch Trinidad vs Vargas or Chavez vs Haugen if you want to get something to help you get in the mindset of crisp, snappy POWER punches.

DLH vs. Vargas for a jabbing clinic.

I use tapes to help my mindset. When I'm feeling shitty in the cardio, I watch Pryor vs Arguello. If anyone saw that fight, you know what I'm talking about. There is no way that humans can maintain that pace for 15 rounds. But both Pryor and Arguello could.

Crazy stuff.

Thanks for the help.