Handicap Hattan - Castillo Fight

I've seen both fight twice. Its tough not to like Castillo as a good size dog, right now it is Castillo +180 on bodog.

Interested it opinions.

Shit, I spelled Hatton's name wrong. No disrespect UK'ers, I swear!

I got Hatton winning a one sided decision, maybe getting a tko after the 6th.

get him jose

Yeah, "past prime" is certainly part of the reasoning behind the action and heavy Hatton money. Castillo had a close fight with Mayweather (besides his Casamayor and Castillo with extra weight wins) , but it was back in 2002. And the weight cutting problems could have aged him even more over time. At least he is fighting at junior-welterweight now.

It will probably be a small bet on Castillo for me, just because of the number. Fuck, Im still not sure. I dont want to bet a good sized favorite (Hatton) unless Im really dialed in, but I do want a little action. I certainly won't bet enough not to enjoy a good fight that I am on the losing end of.

BTW, that crowd is going to be loud. Mehicanos and Brits will be excited, singing, flag waving. Blue Moon vs. Mariachis, battle of cultures. Probably a few fights in the stands. I love that intense atmosphere.

Hatton is unstoppable and will soundly demolish Castillo, ending it
before round 5

Fedor, you can make a lot of money parlay the under 11.5 rounds to Hatton or bet Hatton by stoppage.

I bet 1 unit on Castillo +180.

i've seen about 30 of Hatton's fights, and maybe 10 of Castillo's

my take on it is Castillo is shot and moving up a class and Hatton will probably beat him in the middle rounds

hatton is as tough as they come. although castillo is a warrior, hatton will not give up in there. the kid comes to lay it on the line every time. every fighter says that the would "die in there" but hatton is one of the few fighters that i believe really would die in the ring if he had to.

HBO goes live with the fight at 10pm eastern, that is exactly 27 minutes from right this moment.

Get to bed!! Sunday Paper rounds are the most stressful of the week, you don't want to be dead on your feet.

Brit's represented in every way. Took over Thomas And Mack and Mexicans were dressed as some empty seats. Castillo crumbled from Hatton's pressure and a body punch while I lost my bet.