Handmaid's Tale

Anyone else watching the new adaptation of this? Its really fucking good.

I had to read the book as part of my GCSE English qualifications at school in the UK when I was 16 and really enjoyed the book.

I've already read an article comparing it to 'what the future might look like with the continued rise of far-right extremism' - totally failing to recognise the parallels to islamic theocracies like Iran

Where can you watch it?

Are there busty hotties in it?

Hairy vaginas visible? Perfectly preened peaches?

TheNormal -

Where can you watch it?

Its a Hulu original, so only on Hulu for now.

The show is every OGers dream

It's fucking bizzare. MrsMedic is all over it so Ive seen a bunch of parts. I realize its probably something you have to watch from the start and pay attention to to get into it, but holy hell... every time I'm stuck watching it it's either incredibly boring to the point I can't stand being in the same room as the TV, or some really weird and messed up stuff is going down.

Not for me, I'll tell you that much.

the book was about totalitarianism and patriarchy pre sjw femarxism. 

It's essentially set in a dystopian future where the Iranian Islamic revolution happens with Christian fundamentalists in the US