hands as concealed weapons

I trained in TKD for a few years and I am now a deadly weapon. If a cop were to see me with my hands in my pockets he would bust me for concealing deadly weapons. I know this because ut has happened before. So all of you had better watch out if you are in the memphis area. TKD is the best and any other martial arts is inferior, especially bjj.

Hands and TKD?

Don't you mean if you hand your feet in shoes you'd have concealed weapons?

What about the internet ninjas?

Clearly a student of Grandmaster Ferox13.

worst thread eva

If I put my dick in your mouth, and peed in it, that'd be a concealed weapon too......I'd probably get extra charges for wiping it off on your Tae Kwon Dork gi as well.

Trolling 8.0
Well, you need attention, looks like you are gonna get it!

Originality 4.0
This is the 5th Take My Dough thread in as many days. Dont you have some SAFTA or Krav Maga training you can use instead? That can get you all the up to a 7.0! Get em' tiger!

Accuracy 3.0
"TKD is the best and any other martial arts is inferior, especially bjj. " This is the part where we figure out you are kidding. If Royce were dead, he would have rolled over in his grave.

Overall.. 15 out of a possble 30. 50% is OK for your first Troll attempt. Good luck and good trolling!

I believe him!

Good effort...


Here's -3 for good effort.

I have a conceal weapon in my pants too. It's kind of like a derrenger.

I'll give you a 6 because of the police angle.

Nice effort.

I heard there are some Memphis fighters who post here who ran away to California when they heard you were gonna be back in town. But that's just what I heard.

That is entirely true. I think the names were piggle and annabelle. Piggle I challenge you to an old school vale tudo match where my tkd techniques are legal. Beware my fists of fury.

.01, lame and getting lamer the more we see these crappy threads.

Shut up, I'm trying to encourage him.

Well as you all well know i am just kidding but I do thank you all for your input. I will be sure to employ these new techniques in my next troll attempt.