Hands down when you are tired

When i am tired i used to down my hands i know it can be dangerous especially against an agressive oponnent, what is the best form to down slightly my hands and be safe,in a good position defend me or to attack, give me one advice thanks and have good year....

There are ways quick and highly skilled fighters can get away with keeping their hands down. The best is : Keep your hands up!!! Seriously, if you're so tired you can't keep your hands up, you won't be fast enough for anything else to work. Just work on keeping your hands up while doing your roadwork, Keep them up while you do EVERY drill you do.

Hands down = you down with less teeth than you had before.

Excelent post Skpotamus thanks i like a lot your words
Hands down = you down with less teeth than you had before.

Wise advice Viewtype.

I spar with 22oz gloves.

One thing Bruce Lee used to do was keep a towel around his neck and hold onto it with both hands when doing road work or practicing kicks to keep his hands in a certain position.

I think you looking for the wrong thing. Dont look for a way to have your hands down and get away with it. Instead look at how to keep from getting so tired you cant keep em up.

tuck your elbows into your sides even tighter and let them help carry the weight.

hold a piece of concertina wire so if you drop your hand you'll
slice your neck open. remember, chicks dig scars!

why in the world would you ever need to spar with 22 oz gloves??? Or was that a joke? just curious

No, there are not a lot of guys my size in my gym.

It allows me to go at a higher intensity without killing my partners.

It also slows my hands down and makes them harder to keep up.

I have to work harder.

I got them from Titleboxing the are called "Safe-T Gloves" or something like that...