Hanegraaff Mail fraud investigat'n

  • BREAKING NEWS - Federal Criminal Mail Fraud Investigation Launched Against CRI and Leader Hank Hanegraaff Did the Bible Answer Man’s unusual fundraising appeal go too far? (Posted 11:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2005)


Well, though I don't wish this ministry any ill will, I don't particularly like CRI and especially HH. They have this uncanny tendency to criticize and label as pagan anything that doesn't meet their predetermined definition of "Christianity." And though they do supply some decent theology some times, they more often than not simply cause more division in their daily witch hunts.

From reading the article, it does sound a bit like fraud to me. Especially if it's found that there was really no large mishandling of their mail. Furthermore, why wouldn't they have contacted the Post Office instead of fabricating an admission of guilt and apology?



I think he treats people like shit, and for that, he gets the rev's lowest rating 1x, Chuck Smith gets 3x's, and Anthony Campolo gets rev's highest rating of 4x's.

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