Hangover III

Worth watching at all? I see it's on HBO Go now.

I enjoyed the first one. Felt like 2 was kinda average Phone Post 3.0

Just watched first. Heard 2 and 3 sucked more than aids Phone Post 3.0

It's alright Phone Post 3.0

Its not a must watch for me but if you have fuk all else to do you might get some laughs Phone Post 3.0

I really believe that Todd Phillips didn't want to make a third movie and made this one as a fuck you to the studio to kill any hope of a 4th one. The good news is that is it isn't a rehash of the first two. RIP John Goodman.

You're better off buying a giant dildo and shoving it up your ass, then removing it and eating it. Phone Post 3.0

It's funny just don't expect it to be as good as the 1st. Phone Post 3.0

They tried to be way too serious and not funny. But if you have a free hour and a half you'll get a few cheap laughs. Phone Post 3.0

not as good as 1, better than 2.

Craig Mazin, the screenwriter, is part of the (very good) ScriptNotes podcast with John August. It's hilarious hearing him get alternately depressed and enraged trying to defend Hangover 3, esp cause every once in a while he just admits that it's horrible.

2 was a major dissapointment. Seemed like every joke Galafenakis tried fell flat. Mr Chow is a pimp tho.

Worth a watch, yes. 2 and 3 seemed to go downhill after the first but I still watched them. Make sure to watch the extra footage during the credits like with the previous two.

3 was fucking terrible.  I think I slightly chuckled once or twice.  No idea how they made such an unfunny piece of shit with so many funny actors.

Not that good IMO Phone Post 3.0

Has there honestly ever been a worse PPV match ending?

There's the Hogan / Sting fast count.

The Nash / Hall / Goldberg cattle prod.

This makes both of those look like Academy Award winners.

I'm not sure I've seen one that's was worse. I mean, they had to actively and incessantly TRY to fuck it up this badly.

3 was an absolute abortion of a film.

2 was lame, but it got some laughs at least. 3 wasn't even a comedy imo. Terrible. Phone Post 3.0

Jobe Watson the Bomber - You're better off buying a giant dildo and shoving it up your ass, then removing it and eating it. Phone Post 3.0
He's not lying Phone Post 3.0

young Hollywood sucks, give me the 70s-80s-90s Phone Post 3.0

watched the first one.

Had no interest in watching any sequels.

It's free watch itb Phone Post 3.0