Hank Hannengraf, Dirty Preterist!

Hank Hanegraaf, the Bible Answer Man, Continues to Air His Anti-Israel Programs - Transcript

The Bible Answer Man, Hank Hanegraff, has been on aggressive mission to discredit the biblical importance of the nation of Israel and the Christians who stand with Israel.

Hanegraaf, is a preterist, who believes that most, if not all, major prophetic events have already been fulfilled in history. His error about Israel is leading some of his radio audience astray, especially young Christians.

We have provided below the transcript of his December 9, 2004, program. We have others coming. You can listen to his programs by clicking here.

We have also created a “Error Exposed” category under our Page Two News section. You can access it by clicking here.

We are adding this category to specifically expose the church leaders who are chastising pro-Israel Christians and/or any Christians that see the land of Israel and her people at the center of God’s redemptive plan for the world...

See link to read transcript:


Yeah, he's labeled my church a cult for years. I tuned him out years ago.

Hank is not someone I have ever liked, watchdogs are dangerously close to "accusers of the brethren" to me.

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a bit dogmatic?

a bit of an understatement!

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God's covenant with Abraham was eternal. The church does not replace physical Israel.

Can someone share more knowledge of Hank? I have recently started listening to his show. And as a new person finding my way, I dont want to be mislead. I so far have not heard anything wrong with his show, but i have only been listening for about 2 weeks.

This is really more of a debate over progressive dispensationalism vs. replacement theology.Hank Hannegraaf is not alone by any means.

The Roman Catholic church
The Eastern Orthodox church
Reformed (Calvinists)

I'm pretty sure that the only people who do not hold to a replacement view are the annabaptists and Pentecostals (who I guess are annabaptists)

Baptists (Arminian,not reformed)

Lots of non denominational (Arminian)Christians are dispensationalists and it may be popular in the U.S., but it is the minority view by far.By the way,I do not personally believe that the Bible teaches replacement,but I do know a lot of smarter,more mature Christians than myself who do believe this.

That was way over my head...hahaha one day hopefully I will gain the knowledge to understand what the heck you just said... LOL

I like a lot of what Hank Hannegraff writes. Do I agree totally with everything he says? No, but I do believe he and the CRI have an important function to play as a para-church organisation.

Try not to judge him by one comment but look at what he writes overall. His continuation of Walter Martin's work on cults is something I find quite useful.

Interesting point there, Fadiga, but right on the money.

I think that he means well, and sometimes he is right on. Other times, I think he is flat out wrong, and his comdemnation of sincere believers is often a terrible thing. I have a cousin who is a penetcostal minister in florida who Hank has labled one of the top ten most dangerous teachers in america. If you knew this guy, you would understand after about an hour of talking with him, how that is absolutely impossible.

"here are several points for you all to perhaps carry with you as you carry on the religocity of this absurd middle east conflict"

There's so much to say about your post (so many errors in fact and perceptual mistakes) I am not sure where to begin...and so I won't even start.

Blud- You have no idea what you are talking about. STOP!

Everyone- If you want to get into the social-political-economic relationship between Israel and the US and its impacts on the Arab world- take it to the OG! This thread should be limited to the spiritual and religious implications of Mr. Hanegraaf's belief and not historical revisionism or political commentary. The conversation so far has been pretty good- let's keep it that way.