Hannibal tv is sublime tv

Honestly this show is awesome the art directors are doing an amazing job and the stout is wicked. Also Mads Mikkelsen is playing Hannibal really well very creepy. Anyone else with me on this? Phone Post 3.0

I caught a little bit the other night. Looked interesting. How many episodes in are they now?

Season 2 episode 10 I think I've just started season 2 and it's started off extremely well if you were a fan of the films watch it. Mads does Anthony Hopkins justice he plays it extremely well it's very creepy and I can't stop watching it. I wish I didn't have a job sometimes.... Phone Post 3.0

Great show. More people should be watching, I'll be pissed if it gets canceled. Phone Post 3.0

Hannibal is a masterpiece Phone Post 3.0

Brilliant TV show all the actors play their parts awesome. I see this being the last season though. Phone Post 3.0

I hope not but the viewer numbers aren't there it will be one of the best tv shows to get cancelled if it did Phone Post 3.0

fan-fucking-tastic show.

it's still on the bubble for season 3 even though it's got a 7 season story arc :(

i really truly hope it survives...it is a thing of beauty.

Amazing show. The dialog and visuals are spectacular. Phone Post 3.0

Great show. Hopefully the show continues as planned. Phone Post 3.0

If it doesn't all of the viewers should team together and help fund it on netflix or something I don't know but I never want it to end! Phone Post 3.0

Was looking to get into this show. Was thinking it was a mediocre attempt at the series, but have continue to hear good reviews Phone Post 3.0

It's an awesome show, a masterpiece in the making Phone Post 3.0

the other thread about this show said it was picked up for next season...hope it's true. Show is well planned out and very interesting!

Great show, and Mads Mikkelsen is great......
It has some gruesome visuals. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome show !!! Phone Post 3.0